Reading Booktubers and Book Bloggers Favorite Books? Pt. 1 // the details, and the temporary tbr

Hi friends!

so it’s storytime!

One day a girl stared at her Goodreads TBR, wondering how many years it would take to read all of her books. While she tried to figure out where the heck to start, her brain cells conspired together for the first time in a long time and presented her with an idea: why not read booktuber/book blogger’s favorite books. And yes, that girl is me. I’ve decided to start with booktubers, and then towards the end of the year read bloggers’s favorite books of 2019! As a small note, for this particular experiment I’m only using books that are currently on my TBR* but if I decide to do it again I’ll be choosing books that aren’t on my TBR! I’m also giving myself at least a month to do this, because I’ll be relying on libraries and that can be rather unpredictable. And school has decided to make a rather unpleasant appearance. So let us see if I will actually stick with something I’ve set my mind to!

*or else i will actually be crushed by books. not a bad way to go but still.

The Temporary TBR:

I chose this because Melanie @ meltotheany adores this series! Her love for it is infectious, and I’ve been meaning to read it ever since I first read her review on it! From what I know, it’s influenced by Russian mythology and there’s a frost demon and gorgeous, atmospheric prose. I don’t need any more urging!

I’m also adding this one because I was watching her reading rush vlog, and boy bands + video games = me running to the nearest library to find it*. I’ve heard that The Bear and The Nightingle has gorgeous but lush writing so if I’m not in the mood for that this could be a good alternate choice!

*and that’s the only math i’ll ever do

Hannah @ A Clockwork Reader has gushed so much about this novel and I’m excited to pick it up! Also I own it so no library wait for me! To the surprise of absolutely no one, I know next to nothing about this book! Except I think that it has pretty writing. We’ll figure it out when we get there.

This was on Myonna @ Myonna Reads best of 2018 list! As well as one of Emma @ emmmabooks all-time favorites! I was obsessed with Disney’s A Christmas Carol story when I was younger, so

Mika @ Mika Auguste has this as her favorite book of 2019 so far, and I’ve honestly just heard the most incredible things about it? I need to know who this Gray is.

And I think that’s it for now! I chose really winter-y reads haha. This is just an experiment of sorts! Tell me: do YOU have any recs? I’ll be choosing some for my blogger edition, so don’t be shy to drop them below!

13 thoughts on “Reading Booktubers and Book Bloggers Favorite Books? Pt. 1 // the details, and the temporary tbr

  1. hmmmm I have so many recs ahahahaha. You might’ve read King of Scars but I have no memory so THERE: read King of Scars.

    Also Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth (spook) All the Bright Places (kind of a cliche contemporary but it’s my FAVE cliche contemporary) Aru Shah series (middle grade- Rick Riordan presents) *squints at bookshelf* If you haven’t read paperfury’s books you should read those, too! 🙂 (The boy Who Steals Houses and A Thousand Perfect Notes)

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