3 Ways To Achieve Your Dream Readathon Goals!

Hi friends! I’m here to share my top 5 ways to achieve your readathon goals! In case you’re wondering how reliable this is, my answer is:

not very!

I haven’t done a ton of readathons and by most official opinions, I have failed miserably. But by my own standards, I’ve won so I’m here to share my top tips!

1. Think About YOUR Goals!

Yeah yeah yeah, this is super cheesy and obvious. But I’m serious! It’s so easy to get swept up in competing with everyone else and completing every goal ever created. But think about what you’re truly trying to achieve. Do you want to catch up on some backlist titles? Are you attempting to climb out of the dreaded reading slump hole? Do you just like having a “checklist” that you can follow? I’ve found that I often feel much more productive and joyful when I think about what I’m really trying to do, and focus on that!

2. Graphic Novels and Manga!

I know these aren’t for everyone. But I highly recommend trying at least one per readathon! They’re usually very short and extremely easy to fly through! I’m slowly discovering graphic novels and manga that I personally get sucked into. Think about what genres of novels you generally like, and do a bit of research before the readathon starts! If you like superheroes, then pick up something like the My Hero Academia manga! At the very least, you can try something you’re familiar with. A lot of books are turned into graphic novels and manga, such as Pride and Prejudice and Percy Jackson! In fact, my first ever graphic novel was (of course) a Mortal Instruments graphic novel. It can be an excellent way to experience an old story in a new format!

3. Reward Yourself!

I know it can be hard to stop reading, because we’re all so pressure doing the week (or month) of readathon…reading*. But one of the best things to do to prevent burn-out is to reward yourself! After you finish a book, or 100 pages, or even 50, why not watch an episode of your favorite TV show? Or a reading vlog? You can even just scroll through Instagram. The point is to give yourself a break from reading, and get your reading mojo back!

*i’m so clever

And that’s it! I’m so sorry if this wasn’t very interesting to read, but hopefully it was somewhat helpful! What are your best readathon tips?

16 thoughts on “3 Ways To Achieve Your Dream Readathon Goals!

  1. these are actually great tips! it is definitely hard not to compare yourself to how fast others can read. I’ve gotten into graphic novels this year and have liked quite a few. I’d be interested to see which you enjoy 🙂

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  2. Great tips, Kaya! I know I marathoned rereading Sailor Moon last year to meet my 200 book goal lol, that’s a great tip. I have some other manga lined up for this year, gotta get those reading challenges done haha.

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