Good Reading Habits Tag!

Hi friends! It’s been way too long since I’ve done a tag, which is sad because I’ve been tagged for so many I want to do. It’s just a matter of getting my procrastinating brain to sit down and work for half an hour, which it’s totally against doing. Anyways, this looks super fun, and I was tagged by the incredibly amazing Ruqs @ many things bookish!

Remembering Books!

Usually, I have the memory of a golfdfish*. But when it comes to books, I can remember quite a lot, especially if they were emotional scenes. It comes quite in handy for reading series! In fact, I remembered An Ember in the Ashes scene by scene for two years until I reread it. I too am in shock and also wondering why the heck this won’t translate into school memorization.

*i almost said jellyfish. i have the memory of a jellyfish. sleepdrunk me is a strange me

Buying Books!

I actually don’t buy books that much. To be honest, the few times that I’ve done it have been with gift cards or used bookstores. Yes, that is why you see the same exact books on my Instagram all the time. You might be asking: what is my secret??? You see, it’s quite simple…

And that’s it! I used to have more but this dreaded reading slump has destroyed most of my good reading habits. I tag anyone and everyone who wants to do this, it’s super fun!

7 thoughts on “Good Reading Habits Tag!

  1. I too buy so many books second hand, but there are so many books that I want! Gah!
    P.S. I feel like a sleepdrunk jellyfish most of the time since I can never go to bed at a reasonable time, so I totally understand how you wrote that
    -Emma 🙂

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  2. I love your answers! And remembering bookish scenes is waaaay better than remembering school stuff, I mean who would choose Mytosis (always had problems with that lol) over An Ember in the Ashes?!

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  3. lol I have the memory of a goldfish too, but I’m pretty good at remembering what happens in books as well! I think it’s a matter of prioritizing what I keep in my brain – “books yes, everything else, get out of my brain!” 😛

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