Tag Tuesday: KLMNO | with an honorary mention to p

Hi friends! We’re continuing our alphabetical Top 5 Tuesday that’s hosted by Shanah today! When I looked at the letters for this week, I sang all of them but having to stop my LMNOP at LMNO was sad. Poor P did not get what it deserved. With my weirdness aside, let’s begin!


We need more books that start with K honestly. Anyways, this is the third book in the Red Queen series, and it’s kinda filler-y??? But also really good because it shows the psychological effects on the characters. So definitely an in-between point!


I think I read this almost exactly a year ago. This is an incredible novel written in verse, showing how the cycle of violence is so terrible, and it’s consequences ripple a lot farther than you think.


We all know how much I love this one. The representation is so incredible with a plus-size character also pursuing a STEM career Honestly, we need more contemporaries like this one.

Just ignore the The. I actually really want to reread this one, because it’s the kind of story that you just can’t take in fully on your first time, or your second time, or even your fifth. It’s the kind of story that’s constantly revealing new things and new wonders each time you read it.

This is such a powerful short story I can’t. After reading this, I ran to type up a review and just sat and cried*. I absolutely loved it.

*ohhh that’s probably why that review is so terrible

So that’s it! Tell me your thoughts on these books, if you’ve read them!

20 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: KLMNO | with an honorary mention to p

  1. Great list! I didn’t really enjoy King’s Cage as much as the other three books in the series, because you’re totally right – it kind of was just a filler and quite unnecessary… But, again you’re right, it really showed the psychological effects well! I also desperately want to read The Night Circus as I loved the synopsis on Goodreads, the first paragraph was great and I overall love books where you discover new aspects with every new read!

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  2. Slowly catching up with everyone’s Top 5 Tuesday posts. 😉 This is an amazing list, Kaya, I haven’t read any of these books – it’s why I love taking part in book memes, new book recommendations.

    Here’s my Top 5 Tuesday post so you can see my K,L,M,N & O choices. 😉

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and enjoy this week’s reads.
    Flora x

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