My Top Three FREE Apps For Photo Editing! | Ft. My Honest Opinions On Content and Price

Hi friends! If there’s one thing we can all agree on, regardless of who we are or where we came from…

it’s that I am absolutely terrible at Instagramming.

My Instagram is not particularly put together or consistent. Clearly. BUT that’s due to my bad photography skills not editing skills*! So today I thought I’d share my top three free choices for photo editing!

*i say that like it’s a good thing asdfghjkl


I use this one quite a lot, because it has a ton of free options!

For selfies, you can whiten teeth, fix dark circles, add automatic makeup, and more without any cost! Of course, some makeup looks will be part of the subscription plan, as well as other things but there’s quite a lot you can do for free! And yes I know this isn’t a selfie but my selfies require a LOT of editing lol.

There are also tons of filters you can use! Obviously, many are paid but you can download some extra packs of free ones. And on the other side of things, there are the “classic” editing techniques like saturation, highlights, contrast, and cropping. Airbrush isn’t my most favorite app to use but it’s perfect when you need to touch up a quick photo or selfie, or even when you don’t have time for makeup but want a hint of it there anyway! I wouldn’t say it’s worth the price though. There’s simply not enough content.


PicsArt is super cool for a lot of reasons! It’s not so much elegant editing but rather weird, wild, insane editing to make quirky pictures. You know which ones I’m talking about!

Well first of all, PicsArt has it’s own little Instagram thing that’s really good for inspiration and discovering new ideas! There’s also a TON of features, most for free, that you can use. Even in the Tools section alone, there’s a lot of options as you can see from the picture on the right!

There are a TON of tutorials online, or in the emails PicsArt sends to add cool effects. Once, I edited a photo to make it look like I had a magic bubble in my hands! And then there’s the crazy filters like on the right. Same picture as on the left but with one simple effect added! PicsArt is really overwhelming, and not so simple when you’re trying to make cute Instagram-worthy pics but it is very cool once you get the hang of it! PicsArt could eventually be worth subscribing to, if it’s something you enjoy and want to continue using. Even if you’re broke (like me) there’s still plenty you can do to touch up those photos!


AKA the app everyone uses and knows about.

VSCO also has an Instagram-like feed that you can use to post your creations on. The thing about this app is that there’s not a lot of free content but the content that is there is extremely crisp and professional. It’s instinctual to use and there’s just something so aesthetically pleasing about the app as a whole.

Also, because VSCO is so popular, there’s tons of tips to get a certain look. For example, Pinterest is packed with ideas like the one above. It’s actually a very unique idea, and one that I believe works just as good, if not better than filters! Yet, there really isn’t a lot you can do for free. The app works very well for basic editing but you can only use like 8/50 presets. So if VSCO ends up being your thing, and editing is something you take seriously, then you might want to pay the full price because it is just that good from the little bit of free aspects I’ve used.

Final Verdict: VSCO is by far my favorite and what I’d recommend for the best quality, but if you want more free quirky options go with PicsArt!

So that’s it! Not going to lie, this took forever to make but I hoped it helped! Tell me if you’d like to see more posts like this in the future, I actually really enjoyed writing this!

13 thoughts on “My Top Three FREE Apps For Photo Editing! | Ft. My Honest Opinions On Content and Price

  1. I also use PicsArt for photo editing and it’s really helpful! Believe it or not, as popular it may be, I don’t have VSCO. But I think I might get it soon cuz why not?

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