Tag Tuesday: ABCDE (this is one of the coolest topics ever honestly)

Hi friends! I’m super excited for July’s Top 5 Tuesday, which is hosted by Shanah, because they’re all alphabet themed! Basically, you pick a book for each of the letters of the alphabet for that week. So let’s hope all those random fantasy titles I read actually come in handy for once!

My pick for A is a book I actually don’t talk about much, cuz it was kinda disappointing and I don’t entirely remember the plot…but I remember it being in an awesome format! And it starts with A so I win.

You know what’s funny, this is a lot of people’s most favorite book in the Raven Cycle series but it’s actually my least liked. But the cover is so gorgeous and I’m HIGHKEY in love with the flowers on the side! Plus, there’s TWO B’s* so I’m happy.

*i mean technically they’re the same word but we’ll just ignore that

Will Herondale’s on the cover. It’s the first book in my favorite trilogy of all time. AND it starts with C. Need I say more???

I really enjoyed this one although it WAS a hard-hitter. I think it’s really underrated, especially when it’s compared to the The Hate U Give, cuz they came out around similar times I think. But this is short and powerful and amazing and READ IT.

I read this one this year! I loved the hot-air balloons, and France in general tbh. I do think there were some things that could have been done better but it’s a solid debut!

So that’s it! This was really fun!! I’m really sorry if I can’t respond to comments quickly since I’m one but I promise that I WILL answer them haha.

23 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: ABCDE (this is one of the coolest topics ever honestly)

  1. Cool choices! My least favorite book in The Raven Cycle is also Blue Lily, Lily Blue. I feel like it’s either people’s favorite or least favorite. But it has the prettiest cover so completely understand your choice 😀

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  2. Great book choices! Which one was Blue Lily Lili Blue in the series? Number 3? And I also love Will!!!!! And generally anything Shadowhunters related haha😂😂 and Enchantée is on my TBR list, everyone’s been loving it so I’m really excited!

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  3. I’m rereading Blue Lily right now and I’ve forgotten how much flirting their is in this book. Everyone’s flirting with everyone except Noah who’s off in the corner with glitter or … ya know decaying.

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  4. Regarding Blue Lily, Lily Blue: It’s not my fav of the series either although I’d hoped it would be. It is my fav cover but my fav is the first book because I like the writing there. My least fav is Dream Thieves. What’s your fav?

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