Clothing and Library Haul! | because those two things definitely go together…

Hi friends! You might be wondering:

Why on earth are you doing a library/clothing haul???

That is an excellent question. I’ve been meaning to mix up blog content for a while and I have very, very, very little experience in the realm of clothes* and I like promoting libraries and I went to both places on the same day and we’re just doing this okay.

*unless you count my not-so-famous collection of T-shirts. that’s something else entirely.

So here we have The Wicker King by K.C. Ancrum and a yellow dress from No Comment*. The Wicker King was VERY hyped up for me, and I actually ended up really enjoying it! Listen, it was really unique and diverse and kinda unsettling. In retrospect I probably shouldn’t have paired this book with this dress but it’s too late now!

The dress, on the other hand, is bright and happy and sunshine-y! It’s got a little knot in the middle, giving it a bit of a swept-up look. It’s not a flowy dress, it hugs the figure but not uncomfortably so. There’s still room to move! Anyways…since I’m a broke teenager I found this for $10 at a store that sells lots of brands and then I went and looked up No Comment’s stuff on Poshmark and Walmart and they actually have rather nice products!

*yes i did pair them because they have similar colors. go me for knowing what yellow looks like.

Now we can move on to Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen, Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer, and a pair of high-rise light blue denim shorts from YMI. I’m finally reading more contemporary I can’t believe it. I will say though that both the paperback and hardcover of Keeping the Moon are dreadful. Someone save me, my eyes are burning. But Between the Lines isn’t bad! I rather like the cover, in fact. And apparently there’s a prince and something involving books! Me want!

On the opposite end of this spectrum I’ve invented, the shorts are really, really, really nice. They’re ridiculously comfortable and the back pockets are actually pockets??? Which is rare for women’s fashion??? And the slits on the side accent the style very well. This brand mainly seems to deal in jeans and shorts, and these shorts are the only ones I’ve tried, but I’d definitely buy other items based on the quality alone! I did find them for $13 but personally, I think they’re worth the full price!

Last but not least, we have The Haunting of Susnhine Girl by Paige Mckenzie, The Lying Woods by Ashley Elston, and The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King (first King book!). Also a pair of activewear running shorts from popular21. Can I just say that if anything book covers have drastically improved in 2019??? The Eyes of the Dragon is terribly, terribly ugly*. I’m really nervous for all three of these books because (1) horror is hit-or-miss, (2) mysteries are hit-or-miss and (3) King is probably the most hyped author in the history of ever and what if I don’t like him??? Marty, I’m scared.

As for the shorts, I really like them! They’re a simple black and white but they’re also super cute. I feel really comfortable wearing them while exercising. Actually, I could fall asleep in them**. I couldn’t find the link to the shorts or to the dress but No Comment has a really nice line of clothes that I’d recommend!

*welcome to another edition of “Kaya judging book covers”
**tbh i’m more likely to do that than exercise asdfghjkl

So that’s it! I know I know: this was super weird. But I had fun writing it, and hopefully y’all enjoyed reading it!

10 thoughts on “Clothing and Library Haul! | because those two things definitely go together…

  1. Ahh.. I really want to read The Wicker King– it sounds so interesting. And I love the summery dress– yellow is a great colour 💛
    The shorts look great (I need some shorts) and yay for pockets. I love pockets (I mean who doesn’t) 😂
    This was a really fun post!! 😊

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  2. I love this post! It is so cool and unique! The dress and shorts (with actual pockets!?!?! How?!?!) look so cool! I really enjoyed Between the Lines but you have to be sure that you read it before you read Off the Page (I accidentally read them backwards!) Also yes, the prince is amazing!
    -Emma 🙂

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