Tag Tuesday: Top 10 All-Time Favorites! | AKA me having a mental breakdown because choices

Hi friends! So usually I do Top 5 Tuesday but for today Shanah chose to do 10 books instead of 5! Which is good because I’m already going to curl up into a ball and reconsider all my reading life choices! Hooray*!

*can you sense the sarcasm and see the life go out of my eyes

I think I like Crooked Kingdom even more than Six of Crows but I’m not entirely sure since I’ve only read them once…three years ago. I KNOW I NEED TO REREAD OKAY THEY’RE STILL MY FAVORITES ASDFGHJKL.

I love all the Lunar Chronicles books to death but Cress is so freaking good. THORNE. DESERT. SHIPS. How can you not love this book???

There’s something about this book that grabbed me and didn’t let go. It was far more than a romance (although that was great too) and was far more emotional than I was expecting. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

I still haven’t read the fifth and final book (whoops) but the skull is so sassy. And I really, really, really ship Lockwood and Lucy. And there’s ghosts. I’m in love*.

*not with those ghosts with the book. just thought i’d clarify.

Dark academia is such a random, tiny genre that wouldn’t seem like it’d be up my alley. Also I’ve only ever read one Shakespeare play, so logically I should have hated this dark academia Shakespearean novel. But I’m not logical so haha read this.

does this really need an explanation?


Basically, this entire trilogy is everything to me. Everything. Clockwork Prince is my possible favorite of all of them though, because while it’s slow, it’s so emotional. I cry constantly just thinking about this series.

By which I mean Queen of Shadows. The first four books to this series were incredible but Queen of Shadows blew everything away. And then the fifth book came along and ruined the good thing we had going on but we aren’t going to talk about that…

This is my favorite of the series so far, but I enjoyed all of them! The characters in this series are so incredibly complex, and there’s a ton of darkness in this book. Yet, the dark parts make the hope and optimism and pure moments all the better.

So that’s it! Tell me: what are your all-time favorite books???

34 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Top 10 All-Time Favorites! | AKA me having a mental breakdown because choices

  1. Oh my god, you’re not the only one having a breakdown here!!!!! You’re list is everything! I don’t even have to say anything to Cress, Crooked Kingdom and Harry Potter, because you know, IT’S OBVIOUS!!! And I also loved Wicked King because the politics was such an incredible factor paired with Cardan and Jude that it was mind blowing! And I also really enjoyed An Ember in the Ashes, I think you introduced me haha, but haven’t continued but absolutely have to!! And same there with Throne of Glass! I really loved the first book and have to continue veeeery soon!

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  2. Great post!!! Okay, we have FOUR books alike – including my sneaky list 🙈😂! I have to agree with Cress, The Wicked King, A Torch Against the Night and Throne of Glass and I included Six of Crows in my post but I meant the duology so I guess that also counts? I don’t know there are too many I already knew my post was going to be a confusing mess 😂 Cress was honestly sO AMAZING though, I guess we kinda knew Winter would not be able to carry on from that and excel from it… The Wicked King obviously killed me… I still need to read A Reaper at the Gates – I wonder if I find it better than A Torch Against the Night? And actually, I think the books later on in the Throne of Glass series are better than the actual books. and am I getting confused because I thought you told me you didnt like Harry Potter because of the magic? am I wrong 😂

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    1. Thank you!!💜💜💜 Um yes SAME I was scrambling the entire time to figure out what I wanted to pick😂😂 And Cress is so legendary I can’t. You might like Reaper better! It’s so hard to keep up with series nowadays lol. And I don’t think so, I’ve always loved Harry Potter! But maybe I said Harry Potter when I meant something else because I do that a lot😂😂

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      1. You’re welcome!! ❤ haha yes. I know it's so good. ohh, sorry for getting mixed up then! oh nooo sorry, I got mixed up… you said you didnt like throne of glass cos of the sexual content not Harry Potter because of the magic? 🙂 gosh im sorry 😂😂😂

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  3. I absolutely need to read Lockwood & Go! It sounds like my type of book, and from the rest of your list we do seem to have the same taste for the most part so I’m excited 😀 Also, If We Were Villains. You’re right, it’s a tiny but powerful genre!

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  4. The title and this whole post in general connects to me on a spiritual level! Great List, Cress and Clockwork Prince are my favourites from their respective series too!


  5. OMG Clockwork Princess destroyed me and I’m still not recovered from it. An Ember in the Ashes is also SO good and Harry Potter really doesn’t need an explanation. I have to read Six of Crows now but I have yet to start Siege and Storm so yeah. Anyway, I hope you’re having an amazing day 🙂

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  6. I SOOOO agree with you on If We Were Villains (it was actually so, so, soooooo good!) and Throne of Glass!
    I recently finished Six of Crows and I’m gonna read soon, I am so excited to start it especially because you think it was better than the first!

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  7. Yes to all of these! I loved TOG, and the Lunar Chronicles, and pretty much everything else you listed, too! Don’t stress about rereading Crooked Kingdom because sksksksks I reallllyyyyy have to reread them! Great post!
    -Emma 🙂

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