May Wrap-Up | in which i actually read books go me

Hi friends! It’s time to write my May wrap-up and I’m kinda proud.

I read FOUR books this month!

Which…is definitely not my best but hey way better than what I was doing the past couple of months so still a win! I reread a book this month, read a historical fiction novel, and a contemporary. I know, I could have sworn the real me got abducted by aliens too.

I’m very grateful to have gotten an e-ARC of this one! It’s described as Project Runway meets Mulan but that’s really only half the story. I enjoyed the rich descriptions of the dresses, and the main character was really likable. However, sometimes the plot felt purely filler which made me mad cuz I’ve got no patience. You’ll hear more of my thoughts soon but I think this is about 4 stars right now!

I just published my review of this last week! This was a reread for me, so clearly I was super nostalgic and not particularly objective in reviewing it but that’s fine. Anyways, I thought that it was a little petty but also enjoyable so what can you do.

I READ HISTORICAL FICTION. I KNOW. There were times when I struggled to push through because historical fiction and I aren’t all buddy-buddy but I ended up liking this one! This was a Nazi World War II/coming of age/a little bit of mystery story, and it dealt really well with a lot of topics like grief. I’LL WRITE A REVIEW I SWEAR. I think this is also a 4 star read for me!

This was my first Sarah Dessen book, and it was honestly averaging at about 3 stars until about halfway through. I wasn’t expecting darker layers through the book which I think made me like the story a lot more. There were quite a few problems, mainly my arch-nemesis* but I think that I was just in the right mood for this. I’m thinking either 4 or 4.5 stars for this one!


So that’s it! I didn’t read a ton of books this month but they were all pretty good! Surprisingly, Dreamland might have been my favorite. Tell me your favorite reads for this month!

8 thoughts on “May Wrap-Up | in which i actually read books go me

  1. I’m interested to hear your opinion on Spin and the Dawn, I’ve heard some mixed reactions… I LOVE THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL SO MUCH! It’s one of my favorite trope defying books!

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