Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Summer Reads!!

Hi friends! Summer is upon us, which means two things:


2. Heat that will melt your socks off and mosquitoes more dangerous than Edward Cullen.

Summertime has its pros and cons. Anyways, we’re here to talk about my top 5 summer reads, and Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Shanah @ Bionic Bookworm if you want to join!

Technically, this story takes place in summer so I mean it’s already perfect. But it also has an unreliable narrator and a thrilling sort of feel to it that’s great for reading on the beach!

The movie JUST came out so why not have a reading/watching party??? This book is cute and deep and depressing and funny*. It’s a great contemporary read, in my opinion!

*literally my four moods all the time

This is a total beach series. Doesn’t take much brainpower but before you know it you’re swept into a world of prejudice and dresses and annoying main character. If someone interrupts you in the middle of reading it, you’ll probably just scream “TEAM MAXON OR TEAM ASPEN CHOOSE WISELY” and if they don’t answer Maxon within five seconds you’ll throw the book at them*.

*okay so maybe this relates more to me

Another mystery-thriller but this one is really dark, so be careful before picking it up. This book is short and suspenseful and will have you turning the pages before high tide comes in. It’s better for evening summer-y reads!

I don’t really remember much about this (whoops) but I DO remember Australia. And small libraries. And cute romance??? And the ocean??? JUST READ IT OKAY THE COVER LOOKS LIKE AN OCEAN. What other reasons do you need???

So that’s it! I…was not good at this topic lol. I clearly need to read more contemporaries which I think I say every post but seriously, I’ve got to get on that. Tell me: what are your favorite summertime reads???

26 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Summer Reads!!

  1. Nice summer choices! Some of these have been on my TBR forever now and I’ve been meaning to read them but never got around to it.
    And, YASSSSS We Were Lairs is *amazing*!!

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  2. Very nice picks! I haven’t read most of these, but they definitely seem to fit the summer vibe. I did read Words in Deep Blue a year ago though, and it was quite bittersweet! I loved the bookshop romance aspect, as well as the family dynamics; super sad but still sweet. ❤

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  3. i read We Were Liars in like 2 trips to the bookstore and holy hell, the ending still gives me chills.
    Sadie’s been on my tbr for so long, I really need to read it now. Also, BIG fan of that cover.
    Did you say library/bookstore romance? I’m down, WIDP is ADDED to my tbr 🖤

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