3 of the Most CREATIVE Fantasy Books Ever + HUGE GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Hi friends! I’m super excited because not only do I get to share three of the most stand-out fantasy books I’ve ever read, I’ll be sharing the link to an incredible 9 book* fantasy giveaway hosted by Turner Publishing at the end! So let us begin!

*yes, you read that correctly. NINE. That’s more books than I buy every three months because I’m broke. Very, very broke.
4.5/5 Stars

This is actually the first book that popped into my mind. You see, the entire magic system is based upon EATING METALS*. Each metal gives different abilities but only a few called Mistborn can eat all the metals. Mistings can only eat one kind of metal. Anyways…this book follows an orphan named Vin who’s recruited by a thief named Kelsier to overthrow the big evil ruler of the land. It’s got tons of twists and turns but it’s the magic system that really makes this book stand out!

*i bet i could do it. i ate play-dough once.

Okay, this isn’t high fantasy or anything. BUT the magic in this is described so vividly, you’re beyond enchanted. It’s almost physically possible to witness the magic in front of you. AND THEY’RE ALL SO CREATIVE AND ORIGINAL WHERE DO THESE IDEAS COME FROM. In short, this follows two magicians who are competing for the death. Except it’s super action-packed but more…slow and sizzling. If that makes sense.

OH SHUSH THIS ISN’T CHEATING. Sorta. But listen up, I know people IRL who claim they hate fantasy and THEY HAVEN’T READ HARRY POTTER. So if you’re one of those people, know that Harry Potter has magic schools and magical creatures and magical sports and hilarious twins. You can’t deny that Harry Potter did something that changed the world of YA literature, and opened up new doors previously unexplored. So yeah.

and now for what y’all really want to get to. The giveaway!!

I was overjoyed when Turner reached out and asked if I wanted to share this giveaway with y’all! Because let me tell you, I highkey want those books for myself but I’m not completely selfish. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the link, and you’ll be entered to win nine fantasy books, including The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, and Uprooted by Naomi Novik, as well as up and coming authors!

and now the link: https://gleam.io/ZPo3a/epic-fantasy-book-lover-giveaway

So that’s it! I A little bit different but I wanted to share all of these thoughts with you today. What are the most creative fantasy books you’ve read???

8 thoughts on “3 of the Most CREATIVE Fantasy Books Ever + HUGE GIVEAWAY!!!!!

  1. “Eating meals” 😂😂 I’ve always thought this aspect of Mistborn was really cool too, so that’s a great way to sell the series. 😁
    Ooh, The Night Circus is my number one on my current TBR, so I am loving seeing you sharing the love! I absolutely CANNOT wait to read this one! ❤
    Oi, doesn't it just kill you to encounter people who haven't read Harry Potter yet? Like, how can you hate fantasy, and how can you NOT love HP? Boggles the mind…
    Fab post! This looks like a great giveaway btw!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The Night Circle is five books down on my TBR, (but if we are looking at my TBR, we have to admit that 5 is pretty high in comparison to how long it is) and I can’t wait to read it!
    Gah! It makes me want to cry when ppl say they hate HP! I mean, why!?! Also, hating on fantasy needs to start getting more specific, not that I hate it, I can’t read anything but.
    But fantasy now has things like mythological creatures magic or high fae and dark magic, and I think people think fantasy, and only think of one of these. Maybe they will like a subgenre of fantasy? (This is me low-key trying to convince myself that someone can’t hate fantasy when I love it, sorry)

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