Sadie Review! | Why Don’t I Read More Thrillers?!

Hi friends! If you’ve been around the book community since, oh, September you’ve probably seen the whole world and Pluto’s grandmother freaking out over Sadie. So obviously, I couldn’t resist the hype and read it and simply put: wow.

A missing girl on a journey of revenge. A Serial―like podcast following the clues she’s left behind. And an ending you won’t be able to stop talking about.

Sadie hasn’t had an easy life. Growing up on her own, she’s been raising her sister Mattie in an isolated small town, trying her best to provide a normal life and keep their heads above water.

But when Mattie is found dead, Sadie’s entire world crumbles. After a somewhat botched police investigation, Sadie is determined to bring her sister’s killer to justice and hits the road following a few meager clues to find him.

When West McCray―a radio personality working on a segment about small, forgotten towns in America―overhears Sadie’s story at a local gas station, he becomes obsessed with finding the missing girl. He starts his own podcast as he tracks Sadie’s journey, trying to figure out what happened, hoping to find her before it’s too late.

Courtney Summers has written the breakout book of her career. Sadie is propulsive and harrowing and will keep you riveted until the last page.

Sadie is one of those books that haunts you. From the first page to the last sentence, it sticks to your bones and doesn’t let go.

I LOVED the podcast scenes! Unsurprisingly. For some reason, I’m morbidly fascinated by unsolved murders*. The way it started connecting with Sadie’s POV was absolutely seamless! Something that really struck me was the depth of the story, how the words “one missing girl and one dead girl” has so much more meaning behind them than the simple phrase can convey.

*yeah yeah I know it’s weird

Sadie and Mattie’s relationship was so beautiful, why don’t we have better sibling relationships in YA??? I LIKE SIBLING SHIPS. Anyways, Summers wrote it perfectly. It wasn’t just a plot device, it was a real, defining characteristic of Sadie and the book itself.

Sadie is a character type we don’t see much of in YA, yet there are thousands of Sadie’s all over the world. It’s a terrible, heartbreaking truth but it’s a truth nonetheless. I found myself understanding Sadie’s actions with a depth that’s actually really rare in a lot of characters. For instance, Sadie’s stutter is a very well-thought out and well-executed character tick. Sometimes, slowly peeling back layers doesn’t work for character development but Summers made it work here!

I really enjoyed the plot twists, none of them were utterly mind-blowing but I actually preferred that. The thriller part of this lay in turning the pages, desperate to know what was going to happen next and how it affected the future.

So…that’s about it! I really didn’t want to say too much because SPOILERS but I’d really recommend this to as many people who can handle this as possible, because it’s really eye-opening. But also PLEASE LOOK UP TRIGGER WARNINGS! There’s triggers for abuse, alcohol addiction, and more so please be careful. Have you read this? What did you think?

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