Tag Tuesday: Ravenclaw Reads!!

Hi friends! It’s time to do Top 5 Tuesday, hosted by the wonderful Shanah and this week is following the monthly theme: Hogwarts Houses! Ravenclaw is one of the two houses I get every time I take the Pottermore quiz* so I’m super excited! Here’s her description of Ravenclaw:

They are analytical, intelligent, logical yet impractical, curious, inquisitive, creative, witty, wise, interested in understanding things, cynics, fond of  intellectual discussion, introspective, independent, wordy, and self entertaining. They observe rather than participate, are fond of learning for the sake of learning, and good at school (or really anything that they have an interest in!)

*I’ve taken it twice and gotten Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. I also took a different quiz with exact percentages and lowkey got 68% for Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Gryffindor. No wonder I have identity problems…

Hesina may strike me as a Gryffindor but this entire book is purely Ravenclaw. The clever plots, the heaps of political intrigue, it’s all so perfect. Even the small tidbits of “wisdom” at the beginning of each chapter are Ravenclaw through and through.

The slow-burn ascent to one of the most meaningful climaxes ever. The gorgeous prose dripping with dreams. And honestly the characters are all so complex, any Ravenclaw would drool over this cover (I mean book).

Nathalie is such a clever protagonist, and has an amazing passion for reporting, learning, and chocolate e-clairs*! Her inquisitive, curious nature is completely reminiscent of Ravenclaw traits.

*honestly girl same

This story is so layered and complex and gorgeous IN EVERY WAY. There’s beautifully deep conversations about human connections, and an array of diverse characters from diverse backgrounds. ALSO THE MOVIE TRAILER IS OUTTTTTT.

Honestly??? The magic system is so mathematical and logical but still with the wonder of magic, that I can’t help but immediately pin this down as a Ravenclaw book. Especially with Joel’s passion and zeal for learning Rithmatics!

So that’s it! Tell me: are you in the Ravenclaw house? Are there any good Ravenclaw books I need to read right now???

22 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Ravenclaw Reads!!

  1. I just finished reading Spectacle and I 100% agree that Nathalie is a ravenclaw!! Her actions are dictated solely by her need to understand what is going on with the murders and her gift. I haven’t read any of the others you mentioned but Descendant of the crane is on my TBR list.

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  2. Ravenclaw REPRESENT! 😀 I really like your choice of Strange the Dreamer for this house. I haven’t read this book yet, but it was unexpected yet totally fits the vibe. And I didn’t know Descendant of the Crane had political intrigue in it! Totally adding that to my TBR now. 😉

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