5 Reasons You NEED To Read Middle-Grade!

Hi friends! I was thinking over blog posts to do* and realized: a lot of people don’t read middle-grade. So I’m here to convince you to do just that!

*even though I have like 2 reviews to write whoops

1: Romance ain’t always it chief!

IT’S OKAY IF YOU READ ROMANCE. But far too often (in YA especially) romance overshadows all of the beautiful family/sibling/friendships we all want to see!

Some recs with little-to-no romance:

2: Crazy Worlds!

Often, middle-grade embraces the whimsy and magic of the worlds they’re set in, rather than being confined to a set of rules and laws.

Some recs with awesome worlds:

3: Culture!

Middle-grade books are often inspired by either the author’s own experiences/heritage, or is the result of an abundance of research! They are usually such sweet representations of culture, without being bogged down by tons of plot or character development.

Some recs with different cultures:

Clever Ideas!

Before you laugh, LISTEN TO MY WORDS OF WISDOM. Middle-grade takes such random, weird, wacky ideas and turns them into amazing stories!

Some recs for unique ideas:


Sometimes, we need a dark, sad book to read while looking out the window moodily and sobbing. But sometimes we just need to laugh and snort like a pig for 5 hours straight and middle-grade’s got you covered!

So that’s it! Do you read middle-grade? What’s your favorite middle-grade book???

30 thoughts on “5 Reasons You NEED To Read Middle-Grade!

  1. Ugh yes you’re totally right! I love reading middle grade! I should read it more often 🙂
    I recently bought nevermoor and I can’t wait to read it!


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  2. This is such a lovely post and these are all amazing reasons to read more middle grade, which I definitley need to do! My favorites are definitely Nevermoor and The Girl Who Drank the Moon, they’re both such cozy, magical reads ❤️

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  3. I definitely read a ton of middle-grade throughout highschool and into college, sometimes you just need FUN in your reading! I was OBSESSED with the Warriors series, I read several of those series. I read the main Percy Jackson series as well, and I’m so happy to see the direction Rick Riordan Presents is taking, telling stories from different cultures and mythologies. It’s been a while since I’ve picked up a middle grade book, maybe I should try and squeeze one in now and then….

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  4. I love reading MG! It just has this power to it that makes it whimsical and adventurous even when it’s not a fantasy! XD I especially love that there can be complicated, dark scenes without so much of the angst that comes from YA and Adult books. I’m really looking forward to reading Nevermoor, I’ve had it on my shelf for a while now!

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  5. Thanks for these recommendations. I love middle grade novels for all these reasons too. I just completed Nevermoor and it was a fun read. The world certainly grabbed my interest. I’d love to learn more about it. And The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom was indeed hilarious.

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  6. THIS POST IS AWESOME. Middle grade is the best genre, PERIOD. I feel like YA is generally more childish, petty, and diluted, and it’s so much less imaginative than MG as you say. And yasss, romance is not always it! Which is another reason why I enjoy MG so much more (due to the lack of dramatic romances lol.)

    Btw, my favorite MG series is the Bartimaeus trilogy! It’s freaking hilarious and action-packed (it’s a lot like Percy Jackson), but it also made me bawl my eyes out at the end. 😛 It’s super good, totally recommend it!

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      1. Yes! I literally have forced all my friends and sisters to read the Bartimaeus trilogy (it’s my most-read series after Harry Potter), and they all went apenuts at the end because the finale was so epic. XD

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