January 2019 Wrap-up!!!

Hi friends! It’s time for THE FIRST WRAP-UP OF 2019! I mean, it wasn’t the greatest reading month in terms of quantity but that’s totally fine. We’re not comparing to last year anyway*. But I’m excited to share the (few) books I read this month!


Kindaichi Case Files #3: Death TV | This is the third manga in the series! And I enjoyed it but honestly, I find the deductions downright unsatisfying. Half of them seem like they’re either assumptions or lucky leaps of faith*. I mean it did creep me out a lil bit so I’ll give it some props. 3.5/5 stars!

*are you impressed at my alliteration cuz I am

Enchantée by Gita Trelease | Thank you Flatiron for the ARC! France and magic and hot-air balloons are my actual Kryptonite? MORE KRYPTONITE FOR ME PLEASE . But I really ended up enjoying this, despite slower parts and somewhat weird decisions being made! I have my favorite characters (shhh, you’ll see them in my review) and that ending was downright gorgeous. 3.75-4/5 stars!

The Wicked King by Holly Black | ASDFGHJKL. That’s all I have to say. 5/5 stars!

Born Again by Charles Coulson | First school book of the year! And I actually really loved this! Once I trudged through all the political stuff, it was such a beautiful, meditative, life-changing book about a prideful man realizing his weakness and coming to Christ. Especially because he was involved with Watergate and Nixon’s presidency and all that, just watch Charles Coulson change for the better was breathtaking. 5/5 stars!

The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson | This has put me in the MOOD for more Sanderson! This wasn’t his usual thing, considering how the world of the book wasn’t so much fantasy as dystopia. Also the magic system was really mathematical??? But the last 100 pages of this book was crazy good (and ended on a flipping cliffhanger) AND THERE’S NOT A RELEASE DATE FOR THE NEXT ONE. 4/5 stars!

So that’s it! What books did you read this month? Have you read The Wicked King?!

27 thoughts on “January 2019 Wrap-up!!!

      1. The good thing is right now is that you don’t have to worry about reading them in order except for one thing. I do recommend reading the short story “Mistborn: Secret History” after reading all the Mistborn books that are out for tiny spoilers/really fun easter eggs. I did do a reader’s guide to Brandon Sanderson last year, but I think it definitely needs to be updated in the near future lol. I hope that helps 😀

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  1. Girrrrl I feel you on A Monster Calls. I read it during Christmas 2016, and I still remember that night vividly just sobbing my heart out over it. Nothing can compare after that experience.

    And I need to read Wicked King. I didn’t really love the first one, but people are SO hyped over it. I need to know what the heck goes down in that book lol.

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  2. Great post!

    I haven’t read The Cruel Prince series yet, but definitely hope to this year. They sound like really good books.

    I managed to finish one whole book in the month of January, LoL. I’m the slowest reader, LoL, TV easily distracts me from reading more most of the time, LoL. I finished reading To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. So good! The Netflix movie was also wonderfully adapted. Currently reading Love, Simon. So far it’s really good.

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