Hi friends! And today’s topic is amazingggg. Female characters are awesome!! This is hosted by the lovely Shanah, as always!!

Y’all knew this was coming.

Hermione Granger is LEGEND. She’s witty and clever and literally the ONLY reason Ron and Harry are still alive. And can we just take a moment to appreciate that moment she punched Draco??? Queen her.

Jude may not be my favorite female character ever but throw me out the window if she isn’t cunning. And determined. And a total Slytherin which makes for a very interesting novel.

Like every female character in The Lunar Chronicles ever.

One thing I love about this series is that every female character is different, yet equally strong. Cinder is sassy. Scarlet is seriously kick-butt. Cress is shy and brilliant, Winter caring and thoughtful. And Iko just plain rocks! All of the lovely leading ladies deserve a spot on the Bookish Hall of Fame.

Starr Carter, y’all. She’s brave and real and amazing. REPRESENT SISTER! She’s one of the greatest female characters in written history, because she’s…well…there are no words. Just read this if you haven’t already!

Emma Carstairs is scary awesome. Like, she can go SLASH JUMP RUN FLIP and your entire army’s dead. I ASPIRE TO BE LIKE HER!!! But she will also do anything for those she cares about, and is the actual best in nearly every way possible. Emma for the win!

So that’s it! Who are your favorite female characters?!

15 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday! | Top 5 FREAKING AWESOME LADIES!!!

  1. Hermione is amazing!! She can handle anything– she the best!!
    And I agree about all the women in the lunar chronicles– they are all different and are all strong in different ways. I am there for it!! 😊
    I also love Inej from Six of Crows!!

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