Currently Reading Pt 1: SO MANY BOOOOOKS

Hi friends! I’m with a currently reading post because I’m literally in the middle of a million books right now. And I can’t stop picking up new ones? I NEED HELP. Literally, I’m reading NINE books right now which were way too many to stuff into one long post so here’s a part 1 and part 2 will come around. Eventually.

So let us begin this record of my failures as a bookworm!

Born Again by Charles Coulson | I’m reading this for school (when am I not reading for school) and I’m kinda enjoying it? When it’s not all political mish-mash this is actually an amazing story of Coulson’s transformation to a Christian. So we’ll see my final rating on this one!

The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson | Look. Math and I aren’t friends. To be honest, I’m surprised we manage to exist on the same planet as each other. So when I heard that the magic system in this book was rather mathematical I was all like “eh“. But the magic system isn’t that overwhelming! I have to say that I’m a little disappointed overall so far but honestly, we all know Sanderson’s endings are the best. So we’re currently at a 3.5 but that might be bumped up!

Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare | Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE SHADOWHUNTERS. But I really binge-read most of her books last year, which sorta has lead to burn-out. So I guess I’m just waiting for the Shadowhunter craving to come back? I’M SORRY I KNOW I SHOULD BE FINISHED BY NOW. But we’re averaging at 5 stars as always so sorry not sorry.

Lifel1k3 by Jay Kristoff | I’m actually listening to this on audiobook, which um isn’t really my preferred method of reading but that’s okay. It’s got quite a lot of action so far! But I’m not fully invested in this world and plot yet. So it’s too early for me to predict a rating yet but fingers crossed this gets better!

Enchantée by Gita Trelease | I’m so thankful to have a ARC of this! I will say that it’s tough for me to fully immerse myself in this book but once I do, it’s a wild ride. Magical realism isn’t usually my thing but this isn’t bad so far! So we’re looking at a tentative 4 star rating*.

*i finished it like two days later so technically i’m not currently reading this but whatever

So that’s it! What are you currently reading? What should I prioritize?

25 thoughts on “Currently Reading Pt 1: SO MANY BOOOOOKS

  1. I’m still marveling at how you’re reading them all! Does it get confusing like charater and setting mix up? I would be a bit. But I’m the same when it comes to manga for the ongoing series. I have like 20+ currently following 😅

    Anyway, happy reading!

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      1. The release of some series online is per chapter so not as overwhelming as you would think. Unless you buy in volumes of course.

        Btw same with the TDA series by cassie clare. I’m still finding my motivation to finish that one and it’s baffling because I am obsessed with the shadowhunter world! I should have already finished that too.


  2. Those are some great books you’re reading! And I know the Shadowhunters feeling, I was also very slow reading Lord of Shadows while I was super fast with her other books! That may be because I kind of thought Lord of Shadows wasn’t her best work? I personally think Lady Midnight and Queen of Air and Darkness were both way better than Lord of Shadows! I know that sounds weird and maybe I don’t remember the book ALL TOO WELL because it has been more than a year! Sorry for the long comment haha!

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  3. I am not sure what to say because I haven’t read any of these. However, the weekend is nearing I heard there is a readathon scheduled somewhere on the net. One of my friends also is usually in the middle of a million books at once and uses those readathons to finish up her current reads in a chunk. 🙂

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  4. I’m AMAZED you can keep all those books separate!! Usually when i’m reading more than 4 books my brain’s mixes them up so badly, like, “Okay so the plot for this book is that the MC is a fae prince who has been abducted by aliens and now he has to save the world from a horde of rampaging dinosaurs, right?” 😂

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  5. haha so many! I would get confused..
    I normally read two books at once, one physical and one audiobook. And sometimes there is a third one by accident hahah


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  6. I personally would say concentrate on less. I am a huge reader of books myself, read 59 books last year but I never read more than 3 parallel.
    Right now I am reading a book of a guy who used to be an expat and lived for 10 years in Saudi Arabia. It tells a bit more insight about one of the worlds most secretive countries.

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