Cover Designs: Ten Years Ago Vs. Now???

Hi friends! So I basically had the idea of comparing cover designs from ten years ago (2009) and cover designs for this year! I feel like depending on what year you’re in, there are certain patterns to the designs. And I’m pulling these from Goodreads lists, which I believe is the top voted books for each year.

So let the cringe-fest/heart-eyes begin!

I think that Catching Fire wins this round. Maybe. Actually…maybe not. I definitely feel like Catching Fire is very 2009 but it does age well. Better than a lot of books. King of Scars has grown on me* but I do think that comparing the two in person is the only way to do this.

*i believe that my original thoughts on this were, “IT LOOKS LIKE GOLDEN THROW-UP”

Yeah, Cassie Clare has been writing a LONG TIME so I’m comparing her releases. Chain of Gold is so beautiful, and utilizes a model the perfect way. Whereas City of Glass is low-key terrifying? Like, why can we only see half his face. Why does this look basically the same as the previous two books. I DON’T KNOW.

Um. Yeah. The cover on the right is actual cover goals but…Hush Hush man. I would not boast having that on my shelf.

If I look at the cover on the right, I smile. I am desperate to read it. Then I look at the one on the left, and throw my bike in the trash. THE WAY THEY’RE SITTING IS DANGEROUS.

The Sorceress isn’t actually too bad. It has some interesting drawings, and a lot of them actually relate to the book! Of course, Finale is downright gorgeous so…

Shiver isn’t quite as bad but still so 2009. The Wicked Saints cover is really intriguing (if kinda scary).

So that’s it! I tried to sorta match the covers together, and pick designs that were somewhat unique. Seriously, look at this list and tell me most of these aren’t the same monochrome, random-person-looking-away covers. Tell me your thoughts on this topic!

36 thoughts on “Cover Designs: Ten Years Ago Vs. Now???

  1. This is such a great idea for a blog post – I’d love to see more of these! I have to admit I prefer most of the 2019 covers, although I do kinda agree with you about Catching Fire and King of Scars (but I do really love the cover for King of Scars too!)

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  2. I LOVE King of Scars and don’t really love Catching Fire. I guess everyone has different tastes, in general though I feel like newer covers are WAY better….but I wonder in 10 years if they’ll look unbearably cheesy.

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  3. Oh I loved this post!
    hahah I also was not a big fan of King of scars in the beginning, and many people were so excited and I was just like ‘uh..’
    Cassandra Clare covers have definitely improved haha!


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  4. Okay but that King of Scars cover has to win, hands down. It actually looks 3D. Now, cover love is sooo important (even though we keep saying it isn’t) so I think perfecting the cover is even more important in the book preparing process. We have such high expectations, imagine a cover reveal announcement and then having a stock image with the title and author name in 2019 haha.

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  5. I LOVE THIS POST KAYA. Ahh what a clever idea!! Yeah, when I first saw the King of Scars cover I wasn’t a huge fan either (it’s… so intense looking!) but it’s definitely grown on me. I think it’ll be even prettier in person. And YES thank goodness the Cassie Clare covers have improved since TMI. I’m still not over how gorgeous the cover is for Chain of Gold❤️❤️❤️

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  6. Wow so many gorgeous covers especially Cassie’s TLH and Leigh’s King of Scars. I’m seeing these through my rose colored glasses haha and probably my bias is showing. But they’re all a treat to the eyes!

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