Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Reasons I’m A Total Bookworm!

Hi friends! IT”S TACO TUESDAY. AND TAG TUESDAY. Which means another Top 5 Tuesday post, which is hosted by Shanah @ Bionic Bookworm! So let us beginnnnn.


I loveeee new exciting worlds with cool magic systems and gorgeous sights and adorable killer creatures. For example: Seven Realms and Mistborn and um Strange the Dreamer!

2. Cinnamon Rolls!

The characters. There’s a surprising lack of real cinnamon rolls in books and I’m starting to feel very sad about that. I WANT MY SUGARY TREATS. Anyways…cinnamon roll characters are the sweetest, purest, most beautiful creatures ever! See: Gansey from The Raven Cycle, Liam from The Darkest Minds, Jem from The Infernal Devices…

3. ALL the Emotions!

This might seem super cheesy but like, I am always laughing, crying, or screaming when I’m reading a good book. Sometimes it’s all three (looking at you Clockwork Princess…)

4. The TV/Movie Adaptations!

Granted, these are sometimes a downside. But occasionally, when you find that one, beautiful adaptation that does one of your favorite stories justice, the feeling is overwhelmingly beautiful. Also you can watch your non-book-loving friends crash and burn in the theaters while you just sit eating popcorn. Either one.

5. The Community!

I stand by the idea that the book community is one of the most welcoming ones out there! You can find readers who share your opinions, whom you fangirl/fanboy with, or ones who can open your eyes to some of the problems of your most loved books. People who can just share the joys and the heartbreaks of reading, and consequently writing with you, are people I treasure.

So that’s it! I totally got a little sappy at the end whooooops😅 Tell me why YOU read!

23 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Reasons I’m A Total Bookworm!

  1. I’ve just read Shanah’s one and you really have different reasons for loving reading, but this is great to read actually 🙂 I think my favourite one of yours is the emotions-one: we do put ourselves through a lot, don’t we… XD

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  2. This is a fabulous list. Cinnamon roll characters are one of the best– they are so great to read and you can’t not care for them!!
    I really like TV/movie adaptations too– I love the buzz around the story and my friends will finally know what I am on about and everything!!
    And yay to the community– its great seeing people talking about all the books we love!!

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  3. Great post!

    I love when a great book gets a really great adaptation. I just finished reading To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. After that I watch the Netflix movie and it was just so well adapted for the film.

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