First Manga Review: Kindaichi Case Files Vol. 2!

Hi friends! I’m back for my first ever manga review, and it’s literally not even one you guys recommended! Or one I’ve ever heard of before.

really, it’s the library’s fault for not having what I want when I want it.

So instead I just grabbed a random book from the shelf that looked like a mystery. Of course, it turned out to be the second one (which kills me*) but it’s fine. We’re rolling with it.

*ironically, I was once fine with skipping the first 12 books in a series and starting the 13th. How times have changed.

Hajime Kindaichi is a world-class underachiever. At school, his only real friend is model student, Miyuki– so it comes as quite a surprise when he gets invited to a classmate’s wedding. But Kindaichi notices there’s something a little odd about the bride’s hometown and the six gorgeous mansions built there. His suspicions are confirmed when the owners of the mansions are gruesomely murdered, one by one, by someone calling himself the “Seventh Mummy.” Could this idyllic mountain village be cursed? The deeper Kindaichi digs into the town’s past, the more he discovers that the only real monsters lurking here are human. 

Well, it took me longer than I’d like to admit to get used to the reading style of pictures from right-to-left but once I got it? This was AMAZING.

The first two chapters was kind of eh. I don’t know about y’all but when I’m faced with a bunch of names that aren’t Amy, Jamie, Harry, and so forth: I forget. And get confused. BUT once I pushed through, the twists started coming.

And they wouldn’t stop.

Every chapter ends on a cliffhanger, and then goes into a quick recap, and just keeps going. I was so impressed by the depth of the mystery. I was a bit wary at first because mysteries are really hit-or-miss for me, let alone a manga mystery. But this mystery was actually amazing. We are thrown on a ride that twists and turns and drops and at the end, your jaw is on the floor and tears are welling in your eyes.

Kindaichi was a slightly disappointing character at first, but then his brilliance was showcased magnificently in the final scenes. I will say that I was hoping for more of the reasoning behind his deductions, when he reveals things we don’t really get a lot of where he was coming from. Although maybe the point is to get the answers, but then we as the readers have to figure out how he arrived there? I don’t know.

My final critique is the female best friend. Miyuki is definitely not a strong female character, and obviously there for no reason other than romance and to be put in danger. It’s ridiculous! But I am hoping for great character development!

Oh yeah and I know literally NOTHING about art so I’ve got nothing really to say about the art style except that it was pretty cool?

Have you read this? What’s your favorite manga? Do you have any mysteries to recommend me?


8 thoughts on “First Manga Review: Kindaichi Case Files Vol. 2!

  1. Great review! I never considered reading Mangas because I know some people reading them and I looked into them and didn’t really like the theme (probably also the theme right to left), but your review sounds so great!❤️

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  2. YAY!!! Kaya this is so neat! I am very careful with manga not to pick up anything but #1 when I start out but its great that you got used to the different reading direction and got caught up in the mystery. And if you enjoyed the art then that’s good, all we need to know. ❤ Great review and I hope you enjoy the rest of the volumes.

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