Most Anticipated January 2019 Releases!

Hi friends! 

2019 is here.

I’m not ready.

So let’s distract ourselves with all the amazing books coming out in January! Get ready to spend the money you were given for Christmas, because the bookish takeover has begun.

January 1st

I never noticed that moth thing on top of the E. But seriously, I’ve heard that this is twistier than The Cruel Prince which is terrifyingly intriguing.

January 8th

In An Absent Dream | I may not be caught up on the Wayward Children series but after Down Among The Sticks and Bones, who am I to suddenly develop willpower???

The Girl King | SO MUCH hype has come out involving this book, and I’m still not sure if it’s mostly good or bad? But Asian-inspired fantasy is always a win so here we are! Even if the cover does ruin my gorgeous gallery game* I’ve got going on.

*I’m pretending I know how to use alliteration

White Stag | So what if this cover reminds me of James Potter’s Patronus? I’m sure that’s not the only reason this is on my list…

A Sky For Us Alone | This right here is my dream cover. I’m being really shallow today but LOOK: sunsets! Ferris Wheel! Adorable couple with woods! Actually, this is starting to creep me out. I mean, it kinds looks like someone is spying on them. Who’s watching from within-?

January 15th

The Gilded Wolves | Paris, heists, lush prose- could there be any other book made for me? And you CANNOT deny the gorgeousness of that cover. 

Echo North | I’ve mostly forgotten the synopsis but I remember libraries and mirrors and do we really need anything else? I’m also curious as to how the cover plays into the actual content of the book!

The Vanishing Stair | I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. The Eillingham case is bound to get more complex and shocking in this novel, and really: this title is amazing.

Circle of Shadows | All I know: assassins and Nadine Brande’s recommendation. All I need to know: assassins and Nadine Brande’s recommendation. 

January 29th

A Curse So Dark and Lonely | A Beauty and The Beast retelling with a main character who has cerebral palsy? That has been getting heaps of hype? I’M READY.

King of Scars | NIKOLAIIIIIIIII. And Nina and sass and maybe Kaz and and and I’M FREAKING OUT SEE YA LATER.

So yeah! Eleven new releases that are just MY most anticipated reads. I’m dying. Let’s talk!

Which books are you most excited for? Which cover is your fave (you know that there are TOO MANY contenders)? 


40 thoughts on “Most Anticipated January 2019 Releases!

  1. I cannot wait to read The Vanishing Stairs, I loved Truly Devious!!!
    A Curse So Dark And Lonely is my favourite cover because the colours go so well together and it’s beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So many books in January *aarrgh* 😂😂 The stag does remind me of the patronus 😂
    King of Scars and The Gilded Wolves are probably my most anticapited for the month. I am stuck between read them straight away and read what I have already got on my shelves 😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

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