Kingdom Hearts 1 Review! // First Video Game Review Ever?!

Hi friends! I’m here with a video game review and this game is from…like ten fifteen years ago. And has been remastered like three times. So I’m late as always.

But who cares! Because today, I’m giving my thoughts on the first game in my Kingdom Hearts extravaganza so let’s do this!

So. You’re clearly wondering why the heck Disney characters are on the cover with Final Fantasy style characters.

The basic premise of Kingdom Hearts is “hey, what if we mix Final Fantasy characters with DISNEY???” And voila, Kingdom Hearts was born. This follows a boy named Sora and his two friends, Riku and Kairi. They want to run far far FAR away from their home, Destiny Islands, to explore other worlds. Of course, before that happens, their home is destroyed and the three friends are separated and thrown into other worlds. Our main character, Sora, awakes in Traverse Town, desperate to find his friends.

Are you with me so far? Okay good. Of course, on the other end of the spectrum, we have Donald and Goody who have just received a letter from their missing king (three guesses as to who he is!) who orders them to “find the Keyblade Master” and then come and join him. So they hop aboard their gummi ship and end up in Traverse Town, looking for the one who holds the key.

Right. So I’m a HUGE Disney fan but never did I think I would love this game. Let’s be real:

You might be like me and look at this game thinking, “why would I want to play a kid’s game?”


I mean it CAN be but if you love Disney, you’ll love this. The Kingdom Hearts games are actually rather well-known for having one of the most convoluted plotlines ever in video game history. Not to mention, some of those boss fights are hard*. The game does have it’s fair share of cheesy dialogue and scenes but there are some genuine, heartfelt moments.

*i’m still salty about the Riku one. It took me a FLIPPING MONTH-

The plot is rather simple but so, so much fun. There’s the perfect combination of Disney and original everything else to keep you constantly surprised!

don’t deny that you’re feeling the pull.

Come on, who doesn’t want to fly around battling Captain Hook with Peter Pan, Donald, and Goofy by your side while summoning fireballs and Dumbo? I’m telling you, there’s no game that has gotten me even somewhat close to immersing you in Disney quite like this one does.

The combat does feel clunky at times, however. It’s a blast to swing your Keyblade around but sometimes Sora’s combos are a little…choppy. And despite being remastered, the graphics aren’t the best. But let me tell you, the final scene? With Simple and Clean playing? There’s so much emotion packed into just a few moments you’ll find yourself in tears in no time.

There’s also a ton of secret bosses to fight? And if you’re a completionist, you’ll have plenty to discover and find. Which I didn’t do because I already fail at life haha.

SOURCE: Wikipedia

You end up exploring tons of different Disney worlds and Disney villains, yet there’s a bigger plot behind it. Heartless. Ansem. The Final Fantasy character Cloud being hired by Hades to dispose of Hercules in the Olympus tournament. There’s so much going on here, that you’ll be swept away either by nostalgia or shock or both!

There could definitely be clearer goals though. Sometimes the cutscenes are ridiculously ambiguous when they’re meant to guide. And it takes WAY too long to get off of Destiny Islands. Ain’t nobody got time for making a raft we all know leads nowhere!

So that’s it! This review was all over the place, whoops. Hopefully y’all enjoyed though! Have you played this? What are your thoughts on it?

26 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts 1 Review! // First Video Game Review Ever?!

      1. Great review! Kingdom Hearts is a brilliant game. Have you tried playing its sequels?

        Here’s a cool trivia: In Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts coded, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, there’s a powerful sorcerer and retired Keyblade Master named Master Yen Sid. Try spelling his name “Yen Sid” backwards and you’ll be mind-blown.

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  1. That Riku fight took me forever to finish, AND I was playing an original copy that wouldn’t allow me to skip the cut scenes. I started playing that sequence with a book next to me, and would mute the game and read during the two minute monologues. But I agree with you, that game is wonderful and great for Disney fans!

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  2. I played this (or a version of this? different edition? hmm) when I was younger. I just remember a giant mushroom and running through some water and that guy with the hair. Um. I was *young* and I have a terrible memory. Hahah oh gosh. But thanks for this blast from the past! I love playing games. I also accept that I play = I lose, but for me that’s part of the fun.

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  3. As much as I’m into JRPGs, I never got into Kingdom Hearts. I’m happy for my friends who are exciting for KH3 but I’m really not. Maybe it was the weird juxtaposition of Final Fantasy-style and Disney characters that always turned me off. And I grew up on both FF games and Disney movies, so I probably should have gone for this. Hell, maybe I’ll check out 3 when it comes out and want to go back and play the rest.

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  4. Pure nostalgia for me. People make fun of these remake collections but its always nice to see new people enjoying the franchise and they’re cheap for the amount of games you get.

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