The Diviners DNF Review! | Yeah, this is from way back in June…

Hi friends! I wanted to share a review of one of my two DNF’s of this year, because I’ve got yet another Shadowhunter review on the way* and you guys need something besides me flailing over the same stuff. Constantly. So here is an unpopular opinion!

*when I first wrote this I meant Lady Midnight but now I guess it’s Lord of Shadows. I don’t change much, do I

And just as a note, these are always my honest and personal feelings about a book, this has nothing to do with me hating on readers or the author!

Evie O’Neill has been exiled from her boring old hometown and shipped off to the bustling streets of New York City—and she is pos-i-tute-ly ecstatic. It’s 1926, and New York is filled with speakeasies, Ziegfeld girls, and rakish pickpockets. The only catch is that she has to live with her uncle Will and his unhealthy obsession with the occult.

Evie worries he’ll discover her darkest secret: a supernatural power that has only brought her trouble so far. But when the police find a murdered girl branded with a cryptic symbol and Will is called to the scene, Evie realizes her gift could help catch a serial killer.

As Evie jumps headlong into a dance with a murderer, other stories unfold in the city that never sleeps. A young man named Memphis is caught between two worlds. A chorus girl named Theta is running from her past. A student named Jericho hides a shocking secret. And unknown to all, something dark and evil has awakened.

*cracks knuckles* Let’s DO THIS. 

by the way, I DNF’d this at 50 pages in which I NEVER do. Usually I wait at least 100 pages!

Evie McNeil, our main character, makes me so angry. Look, I can deal with unlikable main characters*. But Evie is my least favorite character type. Ever. Usually, I can get with the characters until some decent character development kicks in but there was no saving this one. She’s whiny, bratty, spoiled, and so, so selfish. I know that’s kinda the point but every choice she made, every word she uttered, made me want to scream. I just don’t have enough hair to rip it out every paragraph at Evie’s decisions.

*see: Mare Barrow from Red Queen, most of the characters from The Thousandth Floor, Sebastian Morgenstern (what?)

This was ALSO super slow. I’m telling ya, I read The Night Circus, I read Strange the Dreamer – but this was just boring. I didn’t care about what was happening at all because I hated Evie so much. There were a couple of interesting characters just being introduced but I wasn’t really in the mood to deal with a ton of new personalities. Also, at the time I was reading this I was also in the middle of A Reaper At The Gates by Sabaa Tahir which made this look like baby’s food*.

*which is ironic cuz I LOVE baby food. those bananapuffs are life.

I was also promised creepiness. There was nothing creepy about this book but considering I only read 50 pages, I digress. Now my main problem with this book is very personal! So if you don’t care about this, that’s totally fine lol. You see, I’m a Christian. I love shows like Supernatural because I view them as completely fictional*. But this book took Scripture and twisted it. There were a LOT of aspects that felt so anti-Christian, and it all made me really uncomfortable. Of course, these are again just my personal issues!

*for example, they never mention Jesus, and they have different gods from different mythologies which really lets me separate in my mind!

If I’m being honest, I was hoping for more of a mystery with supernatural influences than anything else. Maybe I just had the wrong expectations. Tell me: have you read this??? What are your thoughts???

21 thoughts on “The Diviners DNF Review! | Yeah, this is from way back in June…

  1. Oh man, I’m sorry you didn’t like this! It sounds like you didn’t get to the actual bulk of the mystery, but I can see why you didn’t like Evie. A lot of folks don’t early on. Personally, though, I think that’s what Bray does well: she tends to venture into uncomfortable territory and unfurl it in a way that addresses the issues at hand, whether it’s characters or plot. Same with the religious aspects of the book that you mentioned. It’s less about Christianity as the book goes on, and more about an extremist end times sect that you’re supposed to hate.

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      1. Yep, really! If you decide to give it and the rest of the series another go (and I firmly believe the series gets better and more complex as it goes), I hope you find you enjoy it! And if you don’t, I hope you find something else you enjoy anyway. 😊

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  2. Personally I really enjoyed the book, I can totally see why you don’t like Evie.
    And you should not read books that make you feel uncomfortable!


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