Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Books On My Christmas Wish List! | ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS-

Hi friends! I’m back with the last Top 5 Tuesday of the year, can you believe it??? Shanah has come up with some of the most fun and entertaining topics and I’m so grateful to her for hosting this! In other news, I just realized it was my six month blogiversary a week ago??? I’m crying. This has been such a wild ride but I’ve made some AMAZING friends in these six months. Thank you all so so so much!!!

anyway, enough of me blabbing. Let’s do this!

WHO’S NUMBER ONE??? Yeah, I’m desperate for this one. I can’t really afford books* so the conclusion to this amazing, heartbreaking, hilarious series is top of my list!

*although who needs food when you have books, tbh i need to get my priorities straight

I would love a preorder of this family, please and thank you. Nikolai is my life and the best thing to ever come out of the Grisha trilogy so how could I NOT want this??? I also really want to see this cover in person cuz it’s sorta grown on me? WILL IT BE SHINY? These are the questions one must ask.

I LOVEEE Renegades and Marissa Meyer and Nova and Adrian. I must find out what happens next because of that cruel, cruel cliffhanger. And also, friends, this cover is gorgeous. In a weird, superhero way.

I thought I was going to shut up about covers but ya know what, just take a look at this one Nancy. I technically have an e-ARC but what do you know, a hardcover will look nicer on my shelf. AND it’s got OwnVoices Asian rep and that’s all I’ve ever wanted from life.


YEAH THIS BOOK. I need more Cardan. I need more Jude. I need more crazy plot twists. And I need all of these things as SOON as possible before I start losing my mind. Holly Black, please don’t destroy us ‘kay?

So that’s it for today! Tell me some books you want for Christmas! I love chatting!

23 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Books On My Christmas Wish List! | ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS-

  1. YES, Nikolai was one of the greatest things out of the grisha trilogy and I am excited to read King of Scars. And I imagine the cover to be very shiny!!
    I want most the books on your list as well. Descendant of the crane and the wicked king are on my TBR!!
    I hope you get them and have a great Christmas!! 🎅🏻

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  2. *chants* KING OF SCARS KING OF SCARS KING OF SCARS. I am so excited for it!!! I’m doing a Grisha reread right now because I do not remember much, but I am so excited to read about Nikolai again! ❤
    Also Descendant of Crane looks and sounds absolutely amazing!!!
    And I already bought Archenemies so Merry Christmas to me XD
    I hope you got your hands on some of these!

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