Naughty or Nice: YA Main Character and Love Interest(s) Sorting!

Hi friends! IT’S CHRISTMAS SEASONNNNNN. I ‘m really late to December because 2018 snuck out the back door but I’m caught up now!

And today! Today we’re going to sort the main character’s and love interests* of famous YA stories onto the Naughty or Nice lists!

*love interests because Hallmark 

This was a bad choice (TOO MANY SHIPS) but we’re going with Dorian and Celaena*!

Now Dorian…he tries to be a cinnamon roll but he’s got a bit of bad boy in him. But really, at the end of the day, he reads books and gives presents and is just somewhat naive (not innocent. Never innocent) so he is on the NICE list!

Celaena is tougher because she’s petty. And ridiculously whiny and vain. She’s an assassin and yet throws a fit over dresses??? But she’s also got a selfless heart buried deep (very deep) inside of her. But I’m going to have to put her on the NAUGHTY list!

*yes I could have included Chaol but I didn’t. He’s dead to me (until Empire of Storms! Then I forgot he existed)

America and Maxon!

America. Oh, America. She has good intentions! Equality! Love! Family! Love! Yet, she has a ton of communication problems. She leads Aspen on and literally refuses to tell Maxon she loves him. I’m a little torn on this one because she’s terrible to the boys but also isn’t trying to be malicious? I guess she’s just stupid. ELF list* for you!

Maxon is beautiful and selfless and poetic and romantic and forgiving and has a permanent spot on the NICE list!

*that’s a thing i promise. she shall become an elf and if she accidentally gets eaten by a reindeer it’s not my fault.

Clary and Jace!

Clary is very nice. Perhaps a bit plain but she slowly becomes her own person! But…she’s also kinda just there so I guess NICE BUT POSSIBLY REINDEER list for you!

Jace is a total reckless bad boy. I mean, can I just say what Jace brought with him to those realms in City of Heavenly Fire? NAUGHTY list! If only because he’d pull it off.

Kaz and Inej!

Kaz is Kaz. Murderous, selfish, with a questionable set of morals – I love him to death and he loves death and he’s going on the NAUGHTY list!

Now for Inej…she’s actually quite nice. I mean, she also has killed and stalked and sneaked but she was more or less forced into it. SO NICE list! 

So that’s it for today! Hope you guys enjoyed, and tell me  how you’d sort characters! Have you caught up with the Christmas spirit yet (you probably have).

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