Tag Tuesday | Top 5 Winter-y Reads! (ft. a ton of fantasy and y’all weren’t surprised)

Hi friends! I’m back with another Top 5 Tuesday hosted by the amazing Shanah @ Bionic Bookworm! And today we’re talking about atmospheric winter reads and if there’s a single contemporary on this list I will die of shock.

I’m pretty sure Harry Potter has been in like the past…three weeks worth of lists??? WHAT CAN I SAY I’M PREDICTABLE. But seriously, Harry Potter is the ultimate winter read. It makes me feel so warm and joyful and and and like I’m coming home

Erin Morgenstern’s writing is so atmospheric, it’s not even funny. She’s created this circus overflowing with wonders, and every bit of it shines through in her writing. If there was any book that would make me want to run off and join the circus*…

*even though I have no talent and will probably end up (a) being eaten by a tiger, (b) falling off a tightrope or (c) becoming Pennywise. There is no in-between.

The entire TID trilogy would be perfect to read in winter??? Because I mean, winter is such a bittersweet season and The Infernal Devices are basically the definition of bittersweet.

THERE’S EVEN SNOW ON THE COVER! There’s just something about dark fantasy with morally ambiguous characters and complex twists that makes me want to cuddle up with it in winter. I also really want to read King of Scars right now because um Nikolai.

I mean, Narnia practically make winter reads winter reads. The White Witch turning the land into eternal winter, Father Christmas, the iconic Aslan scene – it’s all so classically wintery.

So that’s it! Tell me your favorite winter reads!

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