The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Mini-Review! | A New Favorite Classic???

Hi friends! This is truly going to be a short review but I hope you enjoy!

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My Thoughts

I’d highly recommend this if you’re wanting to get into classics!! For me, I generally don’t like them but maybe it’s because school hates me. But they actually picked a good one for once so I’m not dead and my eyes aren’t swimming and my brain doesn’t want to die if I have to read one more Old Fancy English word???

But not with Tom Sawyer! It’s become one of my new favorite classics because:

  • It is actually hilarious. There’s one scene where he has a fight with someone else and they both threatened for their big brothers to come and beat the other up…but of course both were imaginary.
  • It actually has action and interesting scenes and interesting characters.
  • And the writing isn’t actually* too bad??? I mean, maybe it’s because I just read The Scarlet Letter and Billy Budd which has some of the most rambling prose ever.
*how many times can I actually say actually we may never know

Of course, there is some offensive content but it’s a sign of the times. I really just rolled my eyes at the blatant racism but it’s not as bad as I was terrified of it being.

So that’s it! A solid 4 stars! Tell me: do you classics? Have you read this? Do you want to?

Copy of My Thoughts


12 thoughts on “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Mini-Review! | A New Favorite Classic???

  1. Girrrllll yesss this book is such a fun read!! I first read it when I was 11 and I loved it and then I reread at around 12 and I also loved it – and it isn’t Beowulf so I get what u mean 😂 😂

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  2. I have totally read the book..and also when I was small I even read comics regarding the which tom even kisses a girl😅😅… know the friend of tom- Huckleberry Finn? There is a book also on him..and I so want to read it😍

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  3. I loved this book when I was little, but later on I liked Huckleberry Finn a bit beter, because there’s just that bit more depth to that story and a little bit more characters development. But Tom Sawyer is also great 🙂

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