Happy Birthday To Me! | Ft. An Appreciation Post For My Blogger Friends!

Hi friends! in case you can’t tell by the title, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!! Guess what: I’m still a teenager! So basically not much has changed but eh I can say I’ve lived through another year. So this post will be allllllllll about me. Just call me Kuzco.

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oh yes and I would also like to give a huge shout-out to all my blogger buddies! This is in no way a complete or cohesive list, so please don’t feel bad if you’re not on here! It was probably in my brain but then rode on the Rabbit Trail Train to a different part of my brain. It happens. Especially early in the morning.

So here we GOOOOOOO!

Ruqs @ many things bookish | She is honestly one of the most amazingggg bloggers ever. Ruqs goes out of her way to comment on my posts and I honestly feel so thankful and blessed! She’s super honest in all of her reviews, and has some of the best First Impressions posts ever???

Blogger Books | Another blogger who’s really active! Her posts are so so awesome, and I’m always so happy to see her name pop up on my notifications or reader!

Mandy and Sha @ Book Princess Reviews |  Mandy and Sha are honestly beyond fantastic!! They always have such kind words, and are always fangirling over some book or the other that I desperately need to read. And their collab posts are always absolutel hilarious!!!

Brianna @ Brianna the Bookworm | My Shadowhunter parabatai! Brianna is so sweet and she’s always happy to freak out with me over my crazy Shadowhunter obsessions!! I am so blessed to have found her blog and in turn an amazing person!

Melanie @ Mel To The Any | Melanie was actually one of the first bloggers whom I found starting out! She’s honest-to-goodness one of the sweetest, most welcoming people out there! Her reviews are always so honest and entertaining to read. Not to mention that her Instagram stories are my favorite ever???

Chloe @ The Elven Warrior | First of all, her love of cats is just amazing??? Second of all, I totally depend on her for knowing about all the best new releases lo! She’s so awesome, and it shows!!

Destiny @ Howling Libraries | Destiny is actual blogger goals. Her posts are always so amazingly written, and her passion for books really stands out!

I’m so blessed (how many times can I say “blessed” and “honestly”? The world may never know) to have so many blogger friends! And again, if you weren’t on the list, don’t feel bad! It probably just slipped my mind! I love all of you, and thank you so so so much for making these past few months of blogging some of the best months ever! Okay, I’ll stop with the cheesy stuff now lol.

So anyway, happy birthday to me, because who would I be without such amazing people???

Copy of My Thoughts

30 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me! | Ft. An Appreciation Post For My Blogger Friends!

  1. AHH HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! October is my birthday month and… still a teenager — drat 😂😂😂 But congratulations!! How does it feel being… whatever awesome age you are? 😉 It doesn’t feel much different does it haha. Idk maybe it does for you but its always pretty much of an anti-climax for me lol.

    Oh my gosh you are the sweetest girl ever!! You have no idea how heartwarming that is for me ❤️

    And other than the fact that all your posts are truly amazing and I aaaaalwaaaays have something to say (lol) you always always comment on my posts as well and a lot of the times one thing I really look forward to when checking my blog is reading what you’ve commented!

    Awww thank you so much – I really enjoy writing reviews and first-impressions posts 😂 and honesty can sometimes be hard, though, because…. I was so desperate to give Kingdom of Ash five stars!! Lol!

    All I can say is I’m so thankful you decided to give blogging a go this year so we had the pleasure of meeting 🙂 blogging is so awesome!!!

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    1. Thank you! And I’M SO SORRY: HAPPY VERY LATE BIRTHDAY!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
      And…it feels the same…except perhaps more responsibility LOL. Hahahaha same!

      Thank you so so so much, that really does mean a lot to me❤️❤️❤️

      I love reading those!!! And lol I know how you feel! But your thoughts still come across so concisely!

      And yessss! It really is🤗

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      1. You’re welcome! Awww thanks!! More pressure if anything for me because with age comes more exams – for a long while yet 😭

        Aw you’re welcome ❤ Thank you!!

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  2. KAYA, MY PARABATAI! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY💖 Ahh I am so, so honored that you included me in this post! Your kindness and friendship are appreciated more than words can say. And thank you for constantly freaking out over Shadowhunters with me hehe! I’m so glad we can cry over Clockwork Princess together😭 lol

    I hope you have the most wonderful birthday, Kaya!! You deserve it🎉☺️

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  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KAYA LOVE! And… gosh, thank you for these sweet words. I am so thankful every single day that the book world gifted me your friendship! I hope you have an amazing day, because you deserve the entire galaxy and all the stars within it, sweetheart! ILYSM! 💛xx

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  4. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’m so honored to be on this list!! You are literally my favorite blogger friend because I feel we have the same opinions on almost EVERYTHING! I’m so sorry for only answering now, I thought I’d already commented but I realized I didn’t – that’s what happens when you check your blog three min before school lol! Back to the topic: I hope you had the most amazing birthday and I’m looking forward to gossiping about books with you!

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  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’M sorry I’m late I’m terrible omigosh but I hope you had a wonderful amazing day filled with magic and bookloving awesomeness and that books your way are coming!!! ❤️❤️❤️ alSO thank you for the wonderful shout out to US shout out back @ YOU FOR THE ENDLESS enthusiasm and fun comments!!! 😀 😀

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