I Heart Characters |Thankful For A Cliche Character??

Hi friends! I’m back with I Heart Characters, hosted by the incredible Dani @ Perspective of a Writer, and this week’s topic is all about being thankful for a character! I thought long and hard about this, because I’m thankful for so many characters.


Harry Potter!

Okay so I’m being super cliche right now but it’s so true. Harry Potter is…well…there are no words. He practically revolutionized YA and children’s literature as we know it today. He inspired thousands, with the help of Hermione and Ron. Despite being treated like garbage, and having a terrible life, he still does his best to do the right thing. He honestly introduced me to one of the best series ever, one that resounds in my soul every time I hear the music or pick up the books or see Hogwarts again. There’s a whole commuinity of people based around this fandom that support each other, and theorize with each other, and fangirl/fanboy with each other. I’m so, so thankful to have Harry Potter in my life!

So that’s today’s post! Which character are you thankful for???

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11 thoughts on “I Heart Characters |Thankful For A Cliche Character??

  1. I never actually have read any of the Harry Potter books, LoL. One of these days. Although, I did see Daniel Radcliffe twice on Broadway in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, so that’s kind of Harry Potter related, LoL.

    I guess one of my favorite characters that I read in a book recently was Tess from Sweetbitter. Her character made mistakes, had flaws, and wasn’t perfect which is very relatable.

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      1. LoL, one of these days I’ll get around to reading those books.

        Sweetbitter was a really great book about growing up and making mistakes along the way and trying to learn from them. And the TV Series adaptation on Starz was very well done.

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  2. There is something so down to earth about a Harry Potter! He really is inspiring with all he’s gone through on a mundane level and a magical growth level. I always really loved his parents and their back history with Snape. I thought it really informed Snape and Harry’s relationship too. ♥️ Great choice Kaya! 😉 Your linkup will make the scavenger hunt question harder to answer!

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