Tag Tuesday |Top 5 Worlds I’d Love To Live In!

Hi friends! I’m back and am participating in another Top 5 Tuesday hosted by the fabulous blogger Shanah @ Bionic Bookworm, so go check her blog out!! Today’s topic is one that I’m so hyped to do because I LOVEEEEE FANTASY*. Look, we all know I’m going to be super cliche but I’m easily drawn away.

*if you’re new, welcome to my fangirl weirdness! If you’re not…well you already knew I loved fantasy.


I DESPERATELY want to be part of this world and play Warcross and be in the virtual worlds and honestly it’s not Panem so A HUGE WIN THERE.

*i just realized that probabaly wasn’t the best description but ho-ho kudos to me



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If I could just participate in one Caraval game I’d be so happy. To be swept away in magic, even just for five nights would be a dream come true.

First and most importantly:

6342491I haven’t mentioned this series in a while??? Even though it’s amazing??? But anyway, I love the wizards and thieves and queens and magic schools and clans and EVERYONE. It’s such an amazing fantasy world that I! Must! Go!


I wanted to pick other books but my heart led me here. But literally I mean you have two livable planets and Thorne so I guess I would be really happy???

So that’s it! Tell me: have you read any of these? What worlds would you like to live in?

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27 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday |Top 5 Worlds I’d Love To Live In!

  1. Oh I never even thought of Caraval! It would be amazing to be able to participate in the game at least once! I’d probably end up lost, giving away years of my life, and getting into trouble the whole time…… but I would have fun and look good lol!
    Thanks for participating – added you to the list 🙂

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  2. Warcross! Yes please, sign me up for that VR world! Funnily enough, I’m highly suspicious of technology in this reality, but give me a book like Warcross and my tune changes to “That sounds amazing, I want to go to the world with the awesome VR and in-your-face projections!”

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      1. WARCROSS ALL THE WAY GIRL!!! I would so want to go and watch the Phoenix Riders play, and maybe even hangout? with? emika???! Another I would personally add to the list of NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN (visiting)…
        Legend. That… I’m sorry – it’s fun to read about and all, but no. Same with Uglies (Scott Westerfield). Nope. Not going there, thank you very much 😂 😂 😂
        Rhi xxx

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      2. I can so just picture us (well just me cause I don’t know what you look like ahaha) casually chilling with Emika and co 😂 😂
        Oh yep – I, I think I’ll pass on, y’know – the plague and the Trial and all of the deaths. 😂 😂 xx

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