Interview with the AMAZING E.Kathryn| Shadows, Matt Smith and Self-Publishing!

Hi friends! Today, I have a special and exciting treat: an interview with the lovely E. Kathryn! Her debut novel comes out on November 20th, so be sure to preorder! Of course, slacker me hasn’t gotten around to writing the review yet but here’s something to hold you off until then…

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The Shadows have three abilities: one unique power, the ability to enter a distant Realm and communicate through it, and one inert understanding of a human trait.

A little overzealous during an MMO raid, Mark’s hands suddenly burst into flames revealing he’s a Shadow. They’re dangerous, powerful, and contained in a hidden facility covered by a shield known as the ASH. Mark can’t possibly be a Shadow, but he’s still thrown into the ASH like just another monster.

Afraid the fire will consume him, he clashes with the icy Shadow, Silverstonarellena, certain he’ll live out the rest of his days imprisoned and paranoid of angering his roommate. Still, he holds onto hope that he’ll be able to escape and return home, but it might be more complicated when he finds out he has the power of an Orchestrator named Shadow Hope, allowing him to pass through the shield and free all the Shadows.

Even if he is some powerful Shadow, why didn’t he know? Why wasn’t he taken to the ASH at birth like the rest of the Shadows? And why won’t anyone give him straight answers? He fights to trust the Shadows. Even though he wants to help them, he fears there’s an even bigger mystery unraveling when he uncovers the suspicious death of a Shadow who had attempted to escape and may have been his doppelganger.

4.5 secret tunnels

What inspired you to write the Shadows?

        When I was 13 I had a wild dream about waking up in the ASH and learning about my powers, I remember escaping with everyone, and experiencing the Shadows from a newcomer’s perspective. I immediately started writing the next day, and started coming up with each of the characters, their abilities, and what a Shadow was, and then I watched Steven King’s Thinner and didn’t write for a week.

Who’s your favorite Shadow?

        I can’t have a favorite, they’re all my babies. But I tend to fall in love with the weak one, the cutie who must be protected. So I have to say Kip.

What has your journey of self-publishing taught you?

        That writing the book is the easy part! I can look up writing hacks ‘til I’m blue in the face, but nothing could really prepare me for just how much work it was to bring this baby into the world.

If you could could only read three books for the rest of your life, what would they be?

        Ooh that’s really tough. I suppose my books are off limits because they’re in my brain forever so I’ll try to get creative. I’d say: Eragon by Christopher Paolini, The Savior’s Champion by Jenna Moreci, and Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand by Gail Carson Levine. Two books from my childhood, and one that I need to devote some time to rereading.

Favorite movie to watch when you’re sick?

Movie? Ugh but TV shows! I’ll say Road to El Dorado. That movie gives me life and inspires me so much. Or other Dreamworks movies like How to Train Your Dragon, and Prince of Egypt.

What’s the prettiest book you’ve bought all year?

        Heart of Thorns by Bree Barton.

How many books have you written?

        Completed 14. Writing currently: I’m on book 15.

Which one was the hardest to write?

        I’ll say Book 11, which was originally book 10 but I had to split it so the entire set up for 11 was book 10. And that gave me room to spend more time developing a different character. 11 was the longest book even after splitting it in two, because it has many, many perspectives, ten different story arcs, and some of the most graphic scenes I’ve ever written. Not one of my characters got out of this one without a scar. The outline itself was a 100 pages and the book came up to 300 thousand words. When 11 comes out, it’ll be a hardback thick enough to stop a bullet!

If you could tell your readers ONE thing, what would it be?

        In the immortal words of Matt Smith, “Basically… Run.” Just kidding! The deepest theme throughout The Shadows is Unity and Community, nothing is more important than having unity. So find your people and find where you fit, because there’s always a place for you, and in a way, we are all Shadows.

So that’s it! I will hopefully get a review out the week of publication, so keep an eye out for that! Who else is hyped for this??? Indie authors are honestly amazing. Catch ya later, au revoir!

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