Mortal Instruments Graphic Novel Review! | MORE SHADOWHUNTERS

Hi friends! I’m here to share my review of the The Mortal Instruments Graphic Novel: Volume One!

I really loved how many classic lines from the first half of City of Bones were included! It added a special touch to the volume. I’ve never read a graphic novel before, so I was slightly apprehensive about it. I can barely read a normal book, let alone one with pictures. BUT this was fairly easy to follow!

Oh! And I absolutely adored at how several scenes were portrayed, I was terrified it would ruin the picture in my mind but it didn’t.

My main complaint is how the characters are drawn, I feel like there could have been more detail? And there was this weird texture to Simon’s hair that really annoyed me.

But all in all, I enjoyed my time reading it! Have you read this yet? Catch ya later, au revoir!

5 thoughts on “Mortal Instruments Graphic Novel Review! | MORE SHADOWHUNTERS

  1. I clicked so fast when I saw MORE SHADOWHUNTERS in the title😂 I still haven’t read this but I neeeed to! I’m glad to hear it’s good! (even though I think both of us would enjoy literally anything Shadowhunters lol, it’s the best)💗

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