I Heart Characters |Middle-Grade Ghost-Busters!

Hi friends! I’m back with I Heart Characters, hosted by the incredible Dani @ Perspective of a Writer, and this week’s topic is all about those lovely ghosties. The Casper brothers. The Marshmallow Women. I don’t know where these are coming from:

female ghostbusters.gif



*shush Harry Potter doesn’t count

You see, the entire premise of Lockwood and Co revolves around teenagers catching ghosts and some other stuff happens but ya know spoilers are a thing so I gotta shut up.

But there is ONE character…a special character…a little ghostie…

A short essay on why i love this ghost:

His name is Skull. He’s a skull. I love him.

But seriously, the sass is real. This is one of the funniest series I have ever read (funny story: I bit down on my bookmark to not laugh and wake up my family at 2:00 in the morning and almost choked. Fond memories.)

READ THIS SERIES. Because I genuinely adore Skull* and this entire crew and world and AH. SO GOOD.

*his name isn’t actually Skull I just made that up

So that’s today’s post! Which (ghostie) character is your favorite?? Catch ya later, au revoir!

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