Tag Tuesday |Top 5 Books That Weren’t Worth The Hype???

Hi friends! I’m so excited to be participating in another Top 5 Tuesday hosted by the fantastic blogger Shanah @ Bionic Bookworm, so go check her blog out!! Today’s topic is one that I’m so excited to do because sometimes I’m just that girl. NEGATIVITY* FOLKS.

*if only you knew how I originally spelled that word before proof-reading took care of it

three dark crowns


I was expecting, to steal this word from the amazing Paper Fury, a “stabby” dark tale full of plot twists. Instead, I got a lukewarm insta-love story packed with annoying characters.




Everyone and everything screamed “FEMINISM” at my face. Sadly, I felt the feminism was more of a plot device. The world-building was non-existent. ROMANCE SUCKED. PLOT? WHAT PLOT???????????*

*and here we see a wild Kaya losing her cool and glaring at the book



BEFORE YOU GUYS KILL ME* let me explain. I don’t dislike this book by any means, I just think it’s a bit overhyped. My main problem is that I was expecting something a lot different than what I got??? Ya know???

*i’m laughing cuz I’m pretty sure there’s a rule that exists somewhere saying you can’t mention Paper Fury and then down Maggie Steifvater in the same post


this is where it ends.jpg

This was my only one-star read of last year and there honestly aren’t enough words to describe my dislike for this book??? I had just read important books such as The Hate U Give, The Sun Is Also A Star, etc. I was expecting a timely book about school shootings, instead I got some wishy-washy shallow drama tale about nothing. WHO THE MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP-


All I knew was that people HYPED THIS BOOK UP. I even listened to the audiobook because I heard it was one of the best ever. But I was just confused and bored??? Like, the last third was super suspenseful (hence the high rating on Goodreads I still need to fix) but I was ridiculously disappointed by this. I’ve tried to get into Gemina but 3 hours into the audiobook I gave up*.

*two reasons: I was bored and I hate Hanna with a passion

So those are my picks for the week! Who knew I was so negative? NOT I DEAR SIR. Anyway, what are some books that didn’t live up to the hype for you??? Catch ya later, au revoir!

small side note: my brain keeps screaming “BUT KAYA YOU LOVE THE RAVEN CYCLE” and ya know what brain IDK IF YOU’RE RIGHT ANYMORE BECAUSE YOU KEEP CHANGING YOUR MIND anyway…sorry that was a rant.

37 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday |Top 5 Books That Weren’t Worth The Hype???

  1. Awesome post as always!!! Oops I disagree with you on Three Dark Crowns and The Raven Boys :O Aaaanddddd Illuminae I feel like I’m not in a position to talk about it cos I only read like 10 pages but I didn’t like the formatting of the book and the way it was written I just found super weird so I left it. And I was thinking of reading This is where it Ends so I’m glaaadddd that I know your thoughts on it, I probably won’t now xD ALSO I DID GRACELING ON MY POST TOO! *high five*

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  2. I LOVED the formatting of Illuminae, but HATED HATED HATED the book SO MUCH. The only “good” character was the computer system, and I actually cheered when I thought the main girl had died, only for the authors to save her at the last minute. I threw the book across the room when I was done.

    It’s completely turned me off from reading anything else written by those authors, ever. It’s the WORST.

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  3. Tastes are so subjective so these things are fun to gauge. 😀
    I really loved Raven Boys and thought the books totally lived up to the hype for me. I think what did it was the atmospheric way in which they were written, the way the story is revealed bit by bit and sometimes you don’t know exactly what is really going on. I love writing like that. But take that away and it’s fairly standard YA, lol.

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  4. The hype around Illuminae is SO huge and it’s probably why I haven’t picked it up yet! And my expectations for The Raven Boys went on a bit of a rollercoaster. At first I thought it was your typical YA fantasy romance feat. rich boys so I was like, “meh.” And then people started telling me it’s so unique and so much better than that, so my expectations went skyrocketing high. But I think what I got in the end was somewhere between the two? 😛

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  5. As soon as I got on Twitter I saw all this love for the author of the Illuminae series and I’d never heard of it or him (see, I even forgot his name, no offense to him). Love for him and all his books and his hotness, too. so yeah I looked them up and the summaries didn’t really draw me in? But they are now classed in my “ultra hyped” department so I don’t know if I’m missing something huge (I did of course totally judge his books by their back covers) or what.

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  6. Yes to Three Dark Crowns and the Raven Boys. I feel like the Raven Boys mentioned Adam and Ronan way too often while Gansey and Blue hat such short chapters?! And it started sooo slow. To be honest, I quit reading the series during book four because I couldn’t take it anymore. But I was addicted to it at first but then just, nah.
    Great post, btw!!

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