Beneath the Citadel ARC Review | A Six of Crows Cast!

Hi friends! I’m back with another (unsurprisingly) late review!

But first.


Um, I mean…

I’d like to thank Root Literary and Abrams Kids for the ARC!

beneath the citadelIn the city of Eldra, people are ruled by ancient prophecies. For centuries, the high council has stayed in power by virtue of the prophecies of the elder seers. After the last infallible prophecy came to pass, growing unrest led to murders and an eventual rebellion that raged for more than a decade.

In the present day, Cassa, the orphaned daughter of rebels, is determined to fight back against the high council, which governs Eldra from behind the walls of the citadel. Her only allies are no-nonsense Alys, easygoing Evander, and perpetually underestimated Newt, and Cassa struggles to come to terms with the legacy of rebellion her dead parents have left her — and the fear that she may be inadequate to shoulder the burden. But by the time Cassa and her friends uncover the mystery of the final infallible prophecy, it may be too late to save the city — or themselves.

My Thoughts

There were tons of great aspects to the story: the unique magic system, the fast-paced plot, the great representation. BUT the highlight of this read was, of course, the children*.

*characters. I meant characters.

Well since we have such an interesting-ly large cast, let me do this by character:

Cassa – Some might say she’s the Inej of the group. Except sassier and more reckless. Cassa is a convict (sorta) with a thirst for revenge* and is the leader of our little crew. It took me a bit to warm up to her but when I did, I actually appreciated her.


Alys – I actually quite enjoyed her perspective! She’s quite logical, and is often warring with Cassa. She also has anxiety and panic attacks so that representation was such a fantastic, unexpected addition to the story. ALSO can I just ask how the heck do I pronounce her name??? Alys like a list? A-list? AH-LYS? HELP.

Evander – I tabbed his entrance into the book because IT WAS FLIPPING AMAZING. He’s got a lot of Jesper in him but still remains his own character. I thought everything he did was so pure and epic and amazing. LOTS OF SPOILERS OKAY.

Newt – Oh, my poor, sweet, traumatized cinnamon roll. He and Evander deserve the world. I also tabbed Newt’s entrance but mainly because I felt my heart reach for him and never let go*.

*i am so creepy sometimes

Vesper – I also liked her??? I didn’t feel quite as connected to her but for perfectly explainable reasons*.

*no I’m not explaining them are you crazy


It fed off my love of magic.

Oh yes and this is also a stand-alone YA fantasy so yay!!!

My main complaint, however, is that while the book started off with a bag*, I felt that my interest slowly waned throughout the book? It wasn’t due to a lack of action, in fact the entire book takes place over the course of three or four days. It might just be me but I couldn’t connect with everything the entire time?


My last critique is that the world-building started out great but ended up becoming info-dumpy* and choppy. I did enjoy the Six of Crows vibes I was getting, they didn’t detract from the story or feel like a carbon-copy.

*that last part is me

So that’s it! I’m so sorry, I know this is longer. Tell me if you enjoyed the review, and if you’re excited for this one! Catch ya later, au revoir!

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