TV Review |The 13th Doctor’s Debut!

Hi friends! As an avid Doctor Who fan* I wanted to give my thoughts on the premiere!

*okay so maybe I’ve only seen one Peter Capaldi episode BUT MATT SMITH AND DAVID TENNANT ARE LIFE

13th Doctor.gif

So I was a bit apprehensive about Jodie Whittaker being the Doctor. Like, I loved the idea of a female Doctor but I was terrified of it not being right.

But then.

I watched the episode.

And honestly? There were some cheesy moments. It felt awkward and strange watching the personality of the quirky, scatter-brained Doctor but with everything different. However, I think Jodie did a flipping fantastic job!

13th Doctor help.gif

She portrayed the Doctor so well! I’m not saying she’s a new favorite but maybe with time*…

*don’t judge the cheesy jokes it’s late

I was actually really impressed with the plot and cinematography? Like, it had the perfect dark undertones with all the lightheartedness we know and love. DARKNESS IS GOOD. I’m really hoping against hope that we might, just might, have another “Blink” on our hands at some point.


13th Doctor companions.gif

The diversity is spot-on. The ships (cough Ryan and Yas) are real. I’m insanely impressed with this episode! Sure, it’s not a favorite. There were moments where I just wanted my precious 11th Doctor back. But you know what, if you’re planning on skipping this Doctor, don’t. I have a feeling this will be one of the best seasons of Doctor Who yet! Tell me your thoughts on the subject! Catch ya later, au revoir!


2 thoughts on “TV Review |The 13th Doctor’s Debut!

  1. I’m really looking forward to finally watching this! I came late to Doctor Who and really only started watching it during Matt Smith’s Doctor, and I watched a few other episodes here and there. I really think this new Doctor may breathe new life into the show.

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