Most Anticipated October 2018 Releases!

Hi friends! I can’t believe it’s already time to do another one of these??? Like at this rate I’ll have to start planning my end of year posts soon (and the holiday ones). SO let us get to all the crazy releases coming out in October before your wallets decide to run away.

Note: These are just my own most anticipated releases, and is in no way a complete list! And if you click on the titles they lead to Goodreads links, so grow those TBRS

October 2nd*



Boneless Mercies by April Genevieve Tucholke: I’ve never read Beowolf but…that cover is striking. And I think this involves feminism and that’s genuinely all I need to know.

Damsel by Elana K. Arnold: A twist on that classic(ally annoying) damsel in distress trope? Count me the heck in!

Dry by Neal Shusterman and Jarrod Shusterman: I’ve only read Scythe by Neal Shusterman, but I absolutely loved it! I’m a little nervous about the synopsis (idk about you but water isn’t particularly appealing to me) but hey, sometimes you gotta be different in order to break the mold*.

*at least I tried to be inspirational. Key word here is tried

Grim Lovelies by Megan Shepherd: PARIS. And fairy-tale-esque creatures. And it sounds like there’s a touch of mystery and ugh, I have so many weaknesses.

Muse of Nightmares by Laini Taylor: GORGEOUS COVER ALERT. Strange the Dreamer had some of the most beautiful, enchanting, insert-every-adjective-like-this-here writing I’ve ever seen. I’m so so so excited to see how Laini wraps up this duology, and how Lazlo and Sarai’s story wraps up.

When We Caught Fire by Anna Godbersen: Okay guys. Anyone who puts the words “love triangle” in the synopsis catches my eye because who wants to boast having a love triangle??? But if it’s done well with a creative twist…


October 9


Beneath the Citadel by Destiny Soria: I actually just won an ARC of this one in a giveaway, so keep an eye out for an upcoming review! I think this features some great representation as well as a fantastic plot (that I’ve already forgotten – memory of Dory guys*) and I’m really hyped for it!

*unless you’ve seen that one film theory…mind blown

Blanca and Roja by Anne-Marie McLemore: This is the only book coming out on the 9th that I’m really excited for, because SWANS AND THAT COVER*. This book sounds crazy interesting and I’m so excited to get it!

*I’m not shallow what are you talking about

Carols and Chaos by Cindy Anstey: I hadn’t even heard of this before I started making this post, but VICTORIAN LONDON. CHRISTMAS. SWEET ADORABLENESS. Perfect for those who are done waiting for the holidays!

Dear Evan Hansen by Val Emmich, Steven Levenson, Benj Pasek, and Justin Paul: Well that was a lot of authors. I’m SO HYPED for this because all I ever do is belt Waving Through A Window because #relatable. It feels like I’ve been waiting FOR FOREVER for this novel and my excitement hasn’t DISAPPEARED. ONLY, US bookworms can read it and experience the story without having to socialize. Or stalk the creators screaming YOU WILL BE FOUND.


October 23


The Light Between Worlds by Laura E. Weymouth: Now this is a gorgeous cover. Also, this might actually be the first non-fantasy book on this list? Well that’s bad. Anyway, I think this is historical fiction which isn’t my favorite genre to read but it sounds so good?!

Kingdom of Ash: UM…SO I DON’T KNOW IF I’LL READ THIS. Like I loved Throne of Glass until it went down the ACOTAR route but then I read the ending of Empire of Storms (for no reason) and I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. But I really don’t have time to read the entire thing*. But…

*what kind of young adult/new adult book is 1000 pages


October 30

shadow of the fox

ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL COVER WHYYYY. I don’t know a ton about this book but the cover and the hype…I’m easily swept away.

So that’s it! This such a long post, I probably won’t post again until Monday but I hope you guys enjoyed this one! Tell me which books you’re anticipating, and if you’ve read any. Catch ya later, au revoir!

31 thoughts on “Most Anticipated October 2018 Releases!

  1. GREAT LIST!! As always, your posts are spot-on. Ok I just wanna give you a warning I’ve read some disturbing reviews about Damsel – so please do check out those reviews if you haven’t already because it does contain some disturbing content! AND YES #samedilemma SHOULD WE READ KINGDOM OF ASH??? Did you read Tower of Dawn? and same, it’s so long, I might drown in all those pages…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!!😄❤️ Oh! I didn’t know about those. I’ll definitely have to check some reviews out, thank you so much for informing me!😅 Lol IKR! I didn’t read Tower of Dawn because I thought I was done with the series and I’m not a huge fan of Chaol, so then I went and got myself spoiled for it😂😂 have you??? Okay…well…maybe if there’s only ONE more TOG book and then I can wave goodbye to SJM forever…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. YES SAMEEE 😂😂 But then I watched Christina’s book review of Tower of Dawn (at least the spoiler-free part) and she said that it’s a main part of the story and you CANT miss it. She’s a book tuber, have u heard of her? I think her name is polanadbananas or something but I can’t remember lol

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  2. Aaaah the blogging community keeps reminding me that I need to read Strange the Dreamer… I will get to it, someday, because I LOVED Laini Taylor’s writing for Daughter of Smoke & Bone!

    Also, I’m in exactly the same boat as you for Kingdom of Ash — I loved ToG when I first read it, but then the third book of ACOTAR sorta killed my excitement for Sarah J. Maas’s writing. Then again, I really don’t want to stop reading her series since I’ve spent so many years following the world of ToG! 😖 I don’t know what to do… but I’ll probably cave in and read Kingdom of Ash anyways 😋

    Great picks, Kaya!

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    1. LOL yes, you must! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!! I actually haven’t gotten around that that series yet, but I’ve heard fantastic things😆

      Lol IKR! It’s so hard to decide what to do. Haha same!! I’ll probably just give up when I see the cover in person😂😂

      Thank you!😄❤️

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  3. This is a great list with some really great books in it! DRY sounds like such a great book; I haven’t read anything by Neal Shusterman except Unwound (and I really liked that one), so I need to get to some of his other works. I read Shadow of the Fox earlier this month, and I really enjoyed it. Hope you do too. 🙂

    ~ Aimal @ Bookshelves & Paperbacks

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  4. October 2nd is THE day for new releases this year haha
    I’m really excited for Dry, Shadow of the fox and Kingdom of Ash!


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