I Heart Characters |Stephen King and His Wacky Characters

Hi friends! I’m back with I Heart Characters, hosted by the incredible Dani @ Perspective of a Writer, and this week’s topic is all about Stephen King!

Confession: I have never read a Stephen King book before.

I KNOW. I’ve completely failed at life*. But instead of dwelling on my *cough laziness and procrastination* I mean underachievement let’s get on with the character!

*Not the first time, mind you

kids from IT.gif

These kids are AMAZING. Not that I’m particularly biased or anything but uh Richie and Billy are the best. And certainly not because of Finn Wolfhard…


They are clever (sometimes) but they’re also loyal to each other and crazy brave. Watching them overcome their fears and strengthen their friendships is actually why I love this movie so much! Who knew a horror movie could be so inspiring.

So that’s today’s post! Who’s your favorite King character, and what’s a book-to-movie adaptation you want to see of his? Catch ya later, au revoir!

19 thoughts on “I Heart Characters |Stephen King and His Wacky Characters

      1. You’re welcome! Ok that’s where things get complicated… I guess I like the thought of watching a horror movie but when I actually am I hate it because I freak and then afterwards I think “ohh that was fine let’s do it again” 😂😂

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  1. Wait, which movie is this? I don’t think the post mentioned. I’ve read Carrie (it was reaaally good but I just don’t think I vibe overall with the darkness in King’s worlds). There is horror and then there is just tragedy that sinks into your bones and makes you feel a little sad and lost. That’s how I felt after Carrie. Which is huuuge props to him as a writer, but I was wrecked as a reader after and know I need to be super solid emotionally to go into another book of his.

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      1. Ahhh okay! The new one or the old one? I cannot watch horror to save my life (although, that feels very paradoxical to say. unless you’re watching to learn how not to act?). I’ve heard IT was supper creepy and just the thought of a creature reaching up from the sewers — yup, see, I’m already terrified. It’s that easy. Yes, if you want an emotional read, go for Carrie. Some books, you just need to set time aside to read them because you *know* they will take a lot out of you!

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      2. The new one! I watched it in my living room with several family members with the lights on, so I personally wasn’t as scared as I could have been. But I also think it wasn’t…scary exactly? I wasn’t left feeling dead inside LOL. Okay! I’ll put it on my list!! For a time when I feel like it haha!


      3. Anyone I talk to who can stomach horror or thriller films tells me IT isn’t that bad. But I’m the type who can’t watch murder documentaries without walking around the house with all the lights on for a week after. But I guess… I’m sorry it didn’t leave you feeling dead? Haha such an odd thing to say but I know that’s totally what you want from horror films.

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  2. Hahhha Kaya this was the toughest prompt so far, right?! I’m so sorry, ahaha. Next prompts will be a ton easier for Nov and Dec, I promise Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve not seen either It movie… I couldn’t see something so deliberately scary, you are very brave! I admit though that for some reason I love kids on bikes… its like ET and Stranger Things! ❤️

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