Long Chapters Vs Short Chapters | I’m an impatient person

Hi friends! I’m back with another discussion post, all about chapters! Now, you might be thinking: what the mint chocolate chip could there to be talk about with chapters? Well, I have some reasons (see below) and also:

it's monday supernatural

I’m an impatient person. If my phone freezes for one second I start tapping my foot and give the classic Business Man Glare. So, you’d think long book and I don’t get along but it actually depends on a few factors and one of those reasons are chapters!

For me, long chapters are painful. Case in point:

  • And no breaks.
  • Perspective changes feel so sudden sometimes
  • I feel so accomplished when chapters are shorter, like for some reason it makes me feel like I’m reading fast
  • And finally it can make the plot seemed more dragged than it really is

That’s just my two-cents on the subject! Tell me your feelings on the matter! Do you prefer long chapters? Catch ya later, au revoir!

19 thoughts on “Long Chapters Vs Short Chapters | I’m an impatient person

  1. Hmm, I have never really thought about this before. I guess it’s not really something that bothers me as I tend to start and stop anywhere within the story. Also I do a lot of my reading via audio these days so it just doesn’t seem to matter. I think the only time I wish for short chapters is when I’m doing a read-along and have to read a certain amount of chapters and then write recaps for them. Long chapters would be tough for that!

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  2. Hmmm… I’ve never really thought about this topic before! I think it depends on what mood I’m in — for example, I’m currently reading The Scarlet Letter for my English Lit class, and most of the chapters have been ten pages long. Combined with twenty-line sentences punctuated with endless commas and semicolons, and also the fact that I have to annotate and take notes along the way, the chapters *can* seem like they’re dragging on… but I don’t mind and even like the long chapters, for no other reason than the fact that I love reading 😋 At the same time, I’m pairing The Scarlet Letter with reading a poetry collection, which has one brief poem per page and is easy to read. So I guess a combination is what I prefer most?

    Interesting topic, Kaya! I enjoyed reading your thoughts on chapters 😊

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  3. I like both but I do like it when they meet in the middle. Sometimes I get disencouraged when there is long chapters because I read by chapters and if I wanted to read three then it makes it seem like forever. But it’s not a huge pet peeve

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