So…I’ve Never Read A Graphic Novel or Manga?

Hi friends! I’m back to talk about a topic I’ve been thinking about recently: manga and graphic novels. You see, every time I pick one up my brain just inwardly winces because for some reason pictures? Apparently I can no longer read picture books*. BUT I’m going to try to get over that! I’d love to pick up a good graphic novel or manga, but here’s the thing: I have no clue where to startSo PLEASE recommend some to me in the comments, and I’ll check them out when I go the library! Here are a couple I’ve heard of though:

*Even though chicken nuggets and coloring books are some of my best friends

the seven princes of the thousandth year labyrinth

I saw that Melanie @ meltotheany loves this manga, so I am really interested to pick this up! I think it involves a competition of some sort, and that is one of my many weaknesses.

I know nothing about anime (except Pokémon and a little bit of of Beyblade. Pokémon is life) but I DID hear this anime was fantastic so I watched roughly about…seven episodes. I was surprised by how cool the magic system is though, and have been wondering whether to continue and pick up the manga! Let me know!

This cover is beautiful! I also heard this was about fae, and changelings, and that whole shebang. This sounds like a great first graphic novel!

This series has been getting a lot of hype recently, and I’m so interested to see what it’s all about! To be honest, I’m really more taken with the idea of superhero school than anything else.

So that’s it! Tell me if you have any recs for me, I’d love to hear them! Catch ya later, au revoir!

45 thoughts on “So…I’ve Never Read A Graphic Novel or Manga?

  1. I hardly pick up graphic novels and it is a rare rare sighting for me to pick up a manga, but lately I have been really wanting to pick up the gn Monstress by Marjorie Liu. It just looks so interesting!!! I hope you enjoy the picks on your list!

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  2. OHH BOY I’m so tempted to just send you a spreadsheet of recommendations! XD I’ll just list a couple of my faves for now: Ouran Highschool Host Club (it’s a comedy romance, and the characters are so hilarious and sweet), Pandora Hearts, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (it’s about a group of characters who travel through different worlds), and FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST, which is a must, must-read!!

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  3. I was sooo slow to get into graphic novels too? I didn’t see the inital appeal (and even now it’s not the first genre I go to). But can I offer a kind of “gateway” graphic novel? These two were loves for me because they were not so much the high drama as mangas but very much a novel in picture form. So an easy transition step from YA/Adult books to “picture format” books. The first I would recommend is The Arrival by tan. There are no words but the story is conveyed quite clearly through beautiful imagery. It’s the story of a man who immigrates to a new land to make money for his struggling family (only the book uses a fictional land with adorable creatures and flying machines that aren’t planes haha). The second I just thought of is MAUS. You’ve probably heard of it. It’s a man’s (true) accounts of his experiences in the Holocaust, told to his son (the author). Only the book depicts Jews as mice and Germans as cats. It gets heavy for sure, but there are moments of lightheartedness and family bonding. Hope these are of some value to your considerations!!

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    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one😅

      Oh my gosh, those sound amazing!! I’ll definitely be checking them out! I’m so interested in the first one (I love that sort of story, and a fictional land is even better) and I don’t read a ton of non-fiction stories so MAUS sounds fantastic too!! Thank you for the recs!!

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  4. It wasn’t really until a year or two ago that I really, really got into them. They are so good, though, and I forever recommend jumping into them. I’m super picky about my art so it always gets interesting what you will end up loving.

    Here are some that I really recommend:
    – Sailor Moon
    – The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang (graphic novel)
    – There are actually Disney manga if you’re interested with one called Kilala Princess that is really adorable and has the princesses really done well
    And if you’re looking for some YA ones, I thought the The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices mangas were pretty good.

    Hopefully you find some good ones!! 🙂

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  5. I don’t read a ton of graphic novels. I like them once in a while, and I guess I get why other people read them, but I don’t pick a lot up myself (though my co-blogger seems to read a lot). I did like Wires & Nerve by Marissa Meyer, since it’s set in the Lunar Chronicles universe, though, and I grew up watching the Sailor Moon cartoons/anime, so I read the Sailor Moon manga.

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  6. Oh my goodness, if you want to read (and watch) an amazing manga/anime story, you should read Orange!!! It’s so good and the ending left me with so many feels 😭 You can supplement your reading of the manga with the anime as well — the art and aesthetics for both are amazing, and the friendships and relationship development between the two main characters are slowburn and so worth watching.

    The main character, Naho, is a girl in her junior year of high school. She receives a letter from her future self that warns her what to do or not do in order to save one of her classmates, Kakeru, from a horrible future. As predictions from the letter starts to come true, Naho realizes that she needs to actively work in saving her classmate. Overall, the story is full of mystery and tension as you’re left wondering whether Naho will succeed in bringing happiness to her classmate… or have the horrible prediction her letter foretold come true.

    I hope this recommendation helped! Good luck with branching out into reading graphic novels and manga 😊

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  7. Haha neither have I. I also don’t know where to start so thanks for this post 🙂
    Btw I loved Maximum Ride by James Patterson and I know theres a manga so you can check that out if you’d like.

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  8. If u haven’t read any mangas ever…then here’s to ur starter…..u must not skip fairy tail!!! The art is so amazing and other than that the story plot is the best…’s one of my fav.

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  9. I don’t read manga and graphic novels as well! I do want to try but my TBR is already so large without them that I’m just scared XD My process is that I’m going to start reading Speak: The Graphic Novel as I loved the original story and can’t wait to see it with art (even though it may scar me as well)

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