I Heart Characters |Bam! The Opposite Sex!

Hi friends! I’m here with another I Heart Characters post hosted by the lovely Dani @ Perspective of a Writer! Today’s topic is all about a character you’d like to read about, but the opposite gender from which they identified in the original!

My pick for this is…drum roll please… RAPUNZEL!!!

rapunxel frying pan

I know we all love Flynn Ryder to death but imagine if he had been locked in the tower instead??? I’m also wondering if when Male Rapunzel escaped, would he immediately search out food? A horse? Perhaps after meeting the first guy with short hair he’d have the urge to chop his off.

I’d be so interested in seeing how he’d react when Female Flynn (or whatever) climbed into the tower. And how would the king and Queen react? I am super interested in female thief though, that would be amazing!

flynn rider.gif

Ooh! And what if it crossed over with Robin Hood and that was gender flipped too and RAPUNZEL FELL IN LOVE WITH ROBIN HOOD?*??

*excuse me and my over-the-top theories

Tell me which character you’d pick! I’d love to know! And what fairy tale would you want gender flipped? Catch ya later, au revoir!

flynn rider goodbye

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