Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Characters I Want As Best Friends!

Hi friends! I’m here with another (hopefully) interesting Top 5 Tuesday, hosted by the amazing blogger Shanah @ Bionic Books! Today, I’ll be naming five characters I want as best friends and I suppose that picking the entire Six of Crows squad is cheating. As my own personal twist, I will be picking five female characters and also five male characters! It was really hard for me to pick so in the end I just ended up deciding on ten haha*!

*It is a testament to my indecisiveness that I literally picked ten squads of characters even after stretching the rules…why am I like this




Because he’s so…Gansey. I know that might not make a lot of sense to those who haven’t read the book but it’s true. He has this old soul, this sense of adventure, and he’s also a FANTASTIC friend! Honestly the more I think about it the grumpier I get that he’s not real*.

Obviously, because if he were real we’d already be best friends. That is what I’m telling myself.


Tessa Gray

To be honest, in an alternate reality I’m low-key sure that we’d be parabatai. She and I could fangirl over books, and poetry, and so many other things! Tessa is one of the few characters I’ve ever felt a kindred spirit to. Random tangent time but I think Cecily mentioned in Clockwork Princess that she thought Tessa was shy and I’m doing that weird Gen Z thing but #MEEE!




Okay, it was a hard, hard battle between Captain Space Sass™ and Captain Sea Sass™ (Nikolai Lantsov) but in the end Space won! Mainly because he has a spaceship and could fly us around but also he’s amazing and funny and can be such a romantic and pours rice into people’s heads. Can’t argue with that.


hermione punching

Hermione Granger

Another bookworm! Sure, she can be a bit of a know-it-all but she’ll do anything for her friends. Also she punched Draco in the face.



Will Herondale

Because Will Herondale. But seriously, he loves the way few others love (to paraphrase Jem and probably completely botch the brilliance of the moment). I could use some hilarious banter and AGAIN WITH THE BOOKWORMS*.

*If you’re starting to suspect I’m attempting to form a secret underground book club intent on taking over the world through the power of words, you’re not wrong.



Have you guys guessed which books are my favorites yet??? Cress is a dreamer, and a romantic, and a bit shy but she can hold her own any day of the week. I’d love to be best friends with her!


Jem Carstairs*

Well first of all, parabatai are everything and second of all Jem needs to be hugged. But he plays such beautiful music and if he and Will aren’t the most selfless people ever…I need a bring-to-life machine ASAP.

If you guys thought I’d pick Will without Jem, I’m very disappointed in you


amy and rory drink

Amy (and Rory)

I can’t say Amy without Rory. But Amy is so amazing and funny and brave, she’s exactly who I’d want as a best friend!! She’s got a huge heart and never lets the men in her life control her. #Winning Females. 


supernatural death.gif

The Winchesters

Beacuse I’m inwardly dying at how well Dean and Will would get along. IT WOULD BE MAGNIFICENT, BONDING OVER DEMONS AND PIE. And then Thorne would come along and sass them all. Don’t get me started on Sam and Cas*.

*But let’s be real, Cas and Cress would be such a thing, And I can see Sam and Hermione totally geeking out and Gansey and Dean going to old car shows.



Inej (and Nina because apparently at this point I’m just breaking twice the number of rules)

Waffles. And two of the awesomest characters to ever grace the pages of literature. Welcome to the cool friend group guys! Stop sulking Jesper.

So that’s it! I had a fantastic time forming my bookworm/demonhunters/oldsouls/sassmasters/superawesome friend group! Tell me who would you would choose, I’d love to know!!! Catch ya later, au revoir!






20 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Characters I Want As Best Friends!

  1. Okay this list is perfect though. I need to somehow be best friends with the entire squad in The Raven Cycle. Also, the fact that Tessa, Will and Jem are ALL on this list makes me incredibly happy because YES.

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  2. Captain Space Sass vs. Captain Sea Sass I love it!!! XD But personally I love Thorne a little (ok a lot) more than Nikolai (whom I still love!!) This was a great list, I would so cheat like you and put the whole cast from the Lunar Chronicles and Six of Crows. One can never have too many friends, right?

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