I Heart Characters | My Choice For This Is…Slightly Surprising

Hi friends! I’m back with another I Heart Characters post, hosted by Dani @ Perspective of A Writer so go check her fantastic blog out!! One thing about this meme that I decided for myself is that the first character that pops into my head that fits the prompt, gets featured. I’m sorry for what’s ahead, don’t judge me XD. 


So we are here to talk about one of my “favorite” bikers…HANDY MANNY!!!


No I’m not insane. Not exactly, anyway. YES I know he’s  a handyman and not a biker but the first thing that popped into my mind was that episode where he puts the tools in the side-car and is possibly going to a construction site? IT’S BEEN TOO LONG. I’m not that young.

Anyway, Handy Manny’s driving skills are actually quite impressive because he has tools yelling in the car next to him. And honestly that hammer talked far too much and I’m surprised that wrench (Rusty? Dang, I watched way too much of this show when I was younger) made it through the drive.

SO the point is Manny needs a leather jacket because his motorcycle skills ARE GOALS. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post (even if it was a bit…ahem…unconventional) and I’ll see you soon! Au revoir!

13 thoughts on “I Heart Characters | My Choice For This Is…Slightly Surprising

  1. Soo unconvential but I love it! Handy Manny didn’t make it into a lot of ny childhood screen time but some of the kids I babysit liked him. Honestly, he does seem like a much more stand up guy than some of the romantic interests we get so I’m not complaining haha. And he has steady income!

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  2. OMG HANDY MANNY!!! I loved that show as a kid! I remember more than I think. I just remember there was one episode that the hammer who is usually like “I’m a hammer” and he was like “I’m a screwdriver” and everyone is like “What”. Then there was the episode where someone is saying “Ew fruitcake. I like fruit and I like cake but I don’t like it together”. And then there was one that Manny was changing the streetlight and then he changed the clock. This show was my childhood and honestly gives me some good memories. Although I do not remember a bike XD

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