Most Anticipated October 2018 Releases!

Hi friends! I can’t believe it’s already time to do another one of these??? Like at this rate I’ll have to start planning my end of year posts soon (and the holiday ones). SO let us get to all the crazy releases coming out in October before your wallets decide to run away. Note: These are just my own most anticipated releases, and is in no way a complete list! And if you click on the titles they lead to Goodreads links, so grow those TBRS October 2nd*   *Believe it or not I NARROWED THESE CHOICES DOWN Boneless Mercies … Continue reading Most Anticipated October 2018 Releases!

Library Haul #2

Hi friends! I’m back with another library haul, and can I just say that I switch moods way too easily? I literally went in there to pick up one mystery book a a contemporary to avoid fantasy and walked out with the mystery, a fantasy, and a graphic novel. The Worst Part: The graphic novel is in fact Shadowhunters.  It’s not even an original graphic novel graphic novel WHYYYY!!! And now that that little rant is over, let us get on with it:   I will never get over how beautifully blue this cover is. Anyway, a good mystery that came out nine months ago … Continue reading Library Haul #2

The Perfect Song for Cardan and Jude!

Hi friends! I was thinking recently: what would be a good song for Cardan and Jude? I mean, it doesn’t have to be their wedding song* but we need one that fits their relationship. And I think I found the perfect one! Even though I don’t personally like the song XD. *Yes I’ve planned their wedding and no Locke is not invited Warrior Faeries and Gentle Fair Folk, Please Welcome The Chosen Song! I HATE U I LOVE U! Lyrics: Feeling used But I’m Still missing you And I can’t See the end of this Just wanna feel your kiss Against my … Continue reading The Perfect Song for Cardan and Jude!

3 Places Where I Love To Read In Fall!

Hi friends! Today I wanted to do a short (but sweet!) post about my top 3 places to read in fall! A Coffee Shop Actual footage of me when someone spills coffee on my book Who doesn’t like pumpkin drinks? I love sipping on a pumpkin spice latte while immersing myself in a good book. Being surrounded by delicious smells and the soft murmur of voices is a fantastic atmosphere to read in! Outside I don’t smoke I swear I just like the friendship aspect Because outdoors? In fall? With all the colorful leaves and the crisp wind while wearing … Continue reading 3 Places Where I Love To Read In Fall!

The Greatest Showman Tag

Hi friends! I’m back with another tag involving one of the greatest (hint hint) movies I’ve ever seen: The Greatest Showman! Thank you so much Andie @ Andrea’s Nirvana and Bree @ Bookishly Bree for tagging me!! Guys, please check out their blogs because they are some of the best bloggers I could possibly recommend and fantastic people!! Let’s get on with the questions! The Greatest Show | In Which The Intro Is Amazing Mistborn! Come on, Kelsier killed that intro game. Maybe not as good as me, considering once in a dream I swooped in with a cloak but tripped and rolled down … Continue reading The Greatest Showman Tag