I Heart Characters

Hi friends! I’m back with another I Heart Characters post!! This meme is hosted by the wonderful Dani @ Perspective of A Writer and today’s topic is High School First Love! *smirks*.

Ahem. Well. There’s a small, tiny, practically non-existent chance…OH WHO AM I KIDDING.


I’m not (that) ashamed to admit that I would (and do) have a terrible crush on Peter Parker.


  1. UM He’s adorable and nerdy and geeky but mostly adorable. And he’s only slightly older than me so IT WOULD WORK OUT*.
  2. Let’s be real: Peter Parker = everyone else so I mean hanging out with all these awesome people??? SIGN. ME. UP.


And FINALLY: he’s really not that bad-looking…JK he’s also super sweet and smart and is actually an amazing person!!!

*I’m totally not just convincing myself

So yeah guys! To be honest, I could probably rant about my obsession with Peter Parker forever but I will spare you guys the pain. Tell me who you’d pick, au revoir!

10 thoughts on “I Heart Characters

  1. I’ve rarely considered dating younger guys, but daaaaang Tom Holland is fine. He’s uber cute, and I find him so charming as Spiderman. I do not blame your obsession with him one bit, though I may have to fight you for him. 😉

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