Places We Need More Books Set In

Hi friends! I’m back with another post all about places I want to see more books set in. Let’s do this thing!


*sings obnoxiously* IF WE GO DOWN, THEN WE GO DOWN TOGETHER! Sure, we’re getting more books set here (see: Enchanteé, Grim Lovelies) but I want more. There’s something about Paris that makes it absolutely perfect for a fantasy novel. Especially when it’s written like melted chocolate and macaroons with a hint of French class*.

*I don’t know what I’m saying either



Because have you seen all the animals? Africa is sorely underused in YA novels and besides, it’s prime ground for a shape-shifter fantasy novel (or, you know, a contemporary about a girl who has severe depression but through animals finds comfort. And there’s this adorable American tourist who knows nothing…someone write this please!).



I know manga exists but I want novels. I’m really happy that Japan is also getting some love! I mean, the beautiful cherry trees are reason alone for more books (guys is there a book about cherry-tree goblins? And then one of them falls in love with a bonsai goblin which is definitely forbidden*-)

*this is why I’m a bad writer I start a sentence about saving the world and end it on wondering how people could possibly dislike chocolate

So yup! That’s three of the places that I really want to see more books from, tell me yours! Catch ya later, au revoir!


26 thoughts on “Places We Need More Books Set In

      1. Haha yes, and not in the UK too, since I’m from the UK 😀 There’s such a massive amount of potential which can be beneficial to all of us in learning more about different cultures!

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  1. I completely agree with all of these! I’m kind of sick of books being set in America or the UK, I want to experience other cultures and counties through books instead!

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  2. I absolutely agree! We definitely need more African-inspired novels, and your idea about shape-shifters in such a setting is actually really smart; inspired, even!

    Also, Japan. It’s weird how much influence American takes from Japan (especially animation), but people don’t seem to take to Asian-inspired literature. Which is sad, but I’m sure we’ll catch on someday. I mean, Poppy War is gaining a lot of traction in YA nowadays, so things are looking up. 😉 Great post!

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    1. Aww, thank you! I’m actually really hoping that becomes a thing someday lol!

      TRUE THAT. There’s so so much potential there that is just wasted! And oh my gosh, I forgot all about The Poppy War! I haven’t read it yet but I’m so glad to see an Asian-inspired book working its way around (combined with the success of To All The Boys and Crazy Rich Asians!)

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      1. I agree! Btw I’m going to watch To All the Boys when I’m working out on the treadmill one of these days, and Crazy Rich Asians sounds uber fun. Glad to see diversity getting its due! 😉

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