Clockwork Princess | I’ve Never Cried So Flippin Hard Before


A Million Tears and Clockwork Angels (five stars)

This may be the most incoherent thing I’ve ever written despite it being, you know, AN ENTIRE WEEK since I finished this thing? Please accept my most heartfelt apology if I end up chanting in Turtle.


MOST IMPORTANTLY: Those last 100 pages were sorrow and heartbreak and that epilogue, man. A whole new definition of bittersweet. 

I’m so serious. I went through like half a box of tissues because I was actually sobbing. And that’s how my house flooded and I became homeless and now live in a library in the middle of Hermit Woods. Which has of course never happened before.

My main critique for this book is that even I’ll admit the plot dragged a bit. There were several scenes that felt a bit repetitive and somewhat filler-y. However, the freaking emotional trauma I was put through…I HAVE NO OTHER WORDS (mostly cuz ya girl figured she wouldn’t have to take notes. And now all I remember is the ending).

Anyway, I felt like the character development was spot-on and Cassie did a fantastic job of tying up all the loose ends and answering all of our burning questions. While personally I don’t very much care for Cecily or Gabriel, I did feel that their arcs were well handled.


Look. Am I happy with the way things ended up? UM NO I’M CRYING but also YES. This is a terrible review but if you want to see a spoilery rant, be sure to check out my Goodreads account because I’ll be posting one in the next few days. Catch ya soon, and never forget the story of Will, Tessa, and Jem. Au revoir!

15 thoughts on “Clockwork Princess | I’ve Never Cried So Flippin Hard Before

  1. THIS IS ACCURATE. I read this years ago and will never (never!!!) get over the ending. I mean I know it couldn’t have gone any other way, and it really is bittersweet, but I’m not okay with it😭

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  2. I haven’t read these but man, books that make you feel the most are usually the best reads for me. Even those ones that make me cry, or make me angry or make me want to throw the book across the room–those are the ones that stick with me the most.

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  3. My only complaints are the same – “My main critique for this book is that even I’ll admit the plot dragged a bit. There were several scenes that felt a bit repetitive and somewhat filler-y.”

    But I agree. The last bit, plus the Epilogue, ruined me. I would have never guessed ANY of it.
    I liked TMI simply because it was fast paced and full of witty banter but I liked TID because it slowed down and it felt more character driven. However, I do wish TID was just a TAD faster-paced.

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    1. YES! I totally agree with your view on the two series. I think TMI suffers from being just a bit behind in the character department while TID’s issue is the plot
      I didn’t guess any of it either! I was honestly devastated.


  4. I have been uber intrigued to check out the Clockwork series (I haven’t read anything Cassandara Clare yet, that’s why) and now I’m pretty excited! I mean, I think that any book that drags a bit and has a few flaws can be easily redeemed with a highly emotional ending or payout, so I’ll take your word (or tears) for it that it’s poignant. 😉

    Amazing review! I feel like I know what to expect going in now, so thanks!

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    1. Ooh, I’m happy you’re excited to now!! And YES I definitely agree, emotional endings are one of my weak points😂 I’d definitely recommend reading on publication order (The first three Mortal Instrument books, Clockwork Angel, next Mortal Instruments book, Clockwork Prince, and so on) so as to get the full emotional heartbreak🤣 and thank you so much!!

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