Book Foods I Wish I Were Eating RIGHT NOW

Hi friends! Today, I’m here with a new post that I hope you’ll enjoy!


Because chocolate. And frogs BUT WAIT IMAGINE IF THEY’RE FROG-SIZE. I mean, when I’m technically only supposed to have one chocolate candy this totally counts right?

this counts as one


Probably anything from Legendary but especially THOSE DRINKS

I know you guys are probably screaming “DRINKS AREN’T FOOD” but ever since I drank half a hot fudge milkshake for breakfast and was full the rest of the day, I’ve been enlightened to the #NotHealthyButSuperDelishLife. Anyway, there’s something called spicy drinking chocolate which probably exists here but I don’t know it yet. Oh, and nutmeg custard.


That BBQ From Camp Half-Blood

I’m hungry just thinking about it. Like, I bet they have the most juicy, tender pulled pork and ribs and and OOH THE SAUCE. I’ll bet it’s the perfect mix of sweet and tangy and then over the meat…I’m sorry vegetarians but you’re missing out.



Picture definitely not mine. If it were, there would be only crumbs because these tarts wouldn’t have lasted long enough for me to take the shot.

Lemon Tarts From Heartless (please don’t mention turtles)

Ah, luscious lemon tarts. Imagine how good they’ll be (or, you know, just read Heartless) but seriously, I love lemon treats! And I’m sure these will have just a sprinkle of that trademark Wonderland madness.


So that’s it for now! There’s quite a few more foods I could inhale but I figured it would be smart to cut it off while I’m still ahead, LOL. Tell me which bookish foods you’re in the mood for, au revoir!



14 thoughts on “Book Foods I Wish I Were Eating RIGHT NOW

  1. Oh what a fun idea! Reading this while hungry wasn’t the best idea haha
    I would die to try any food from Camp Half-Blood or Percy’s blue cookies!


  2. Ooh, I LOVE lemons, so yes please to lemon tarts! And I don’t specifically remember the Percy Jackson series anymore (it’s been almost a decade since I read it) but I do remember being rather hungry and drooling whenever they had those feasts… 😉 Love this post! It’s such a fun idea!

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  3. Oh my God, yess!! The Lemon Tarts! Honestly, that book made me so happy!

    If you ever feel like getting into a baking mood you should try reading Sourdough by Robin Sloan, it’s an amazing book!

    Liked by 1 person

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