I Heart Characters | Characters and Fires and SCOOBY SNACKS

Hi friends! I’m back for another rendition of the super fun meme I Heart Characters, hosted by Dani @ Perspective of a Writer. The topic for this week is Character Who Runs Into A Fire For _____. And I’m sure you can guess my choice from the title because ICONIC.



I’m pretty sure that if there were Scooby Snacks in question, Scooby and Shaggy would saddle up some ghosts/monsters and run hollering into that fire.

giphy (1)

They may look scared but don’t mess with their pizza. Or you’ll be running (and I’ll be throwing the popcorn).

Tell me what you would choose for this prompt! See ya soon, au revoir!



9 thoughts on “I Heart Characters | Characters and Fires and SCOOBY SNACKS

  1. KAYA YEEEEEEEEESSSS! Hahahha I love Scooby and Shaggy… I admit that I can totally see them running back into a building that is burning if they had to leave their food behind! And I love that you just showcase the first character that pops into your head! I tend to do that because I can’t think of any other, lol. I actually don’t always have a character in mind when I do the prompt. I feel like it keeps me honest 😉 But I just love these two and am so happy you showcased them! ❤

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  2. Hahaha yesss, this rings so very true. I myself wouldn’t run into a fiery building, but I maaay jump into a lake to retrieve any snacks I may have dropped. 😂 Nice pick!


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