City of Lost Souls Review | I Actually Loved It?

Hi friends! I’m here with another Shadowhunter review (I know, how many are there?) but in my defense…actually I have no defense. *cue me running from the courtroom with a thousand and one procrastination police officers chasing me*

Anyway, we are here today to discuss the story that is CITY OF LOST SOULS. And as a heads up, there will be spoilers for the first four books in this series so you have been warned!


5/5 Angel Swords

Two Sentence Synopsis

Jace and Sebastian are now officially tied together, and the Scooby-Shadowhunter gang has to find a way to save Jace and kill Sebastian. So Clary, being stubborn and headstrong and possibly slightly confused in the brain, decides to run off and play a dangerous game of her own.

My Thoughts

So. First things first, I don’t hate Clary despite what you might think by my description but she did grate on me a little. Sometimes, she’s so blinded by her own desires that she rushes into things without considering anyone or anything else. BUT I can say her character development in the second half of the series is so far amazing.

Everyone else was great.

OH WAIT SEBASTIAN FORGOT ABOUT HIM. Look, I don’t love him considering he killed my sweet cinnamon roll child in City of Glass (I shall never be over that) but at the same time, he’s so…interesting. Maybe it’s because I’m a absolute sucker for the whole family drama trope but his personality and dynamic with Jace and Clary just made me intrigued. I’m weird don’t judge me.


giphy (3).gif

*I don’t know why that happened but it did. No shame.

I loved the character dynamics and relationships so much! The Infernal Devices references hurt but also one of my favorite scenes were brought back to life (two words: Jace and ducks. Those Herondales get me every time.) I definitely thought the romance aspect was a bit heavy for me personally, but the development. 

“But the actions we take in the name of love, those are moral or immoral.”

Also, the plot moved hand in hand with the characters and while I thought there weren’t as many plot twists, I still enjoyed it! I feel like for some the plot could drag and also there could be romance but I personally loved it. The story is moving at such a break-neck speed and I’m terrified to read the conclusion haha.


This is either my favorite or second favorite Mortal Instruments book (up there with City of Glass!). While there were some issues, I really ended up enjoying it and would highly recommend (even if you hated City of Fallen Angels). Tell me if you’ve read this book, au revoir!


23 thoughts on “City of Lost Souls Review | I Actually Loved It?

  1. Great post! I binge-read the whole series and ended up hating the whole series in the end… idk maybe it was because I read it all at once?? So pace yourself, is my advice, even though I know its impossible 😀

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      1. Ikr, I think I just read it too much and altogether too quickly and I was also talking about it with my friend and it kinda just got too much. I also watched half of this YouTube series on why the Shadowhunter books are dreadful lol. There’s a lot of controversy!

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      2. Same I always forget 😂 plus sometimes there are some really bad things in books that you only realise when you read it and I feel like if any of me 😂😂

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  2. I’m uber curious to read this series! I’ve accepted that it might be a bit cliche (so many bloggers have told me so), but apparently the characters are really intriguing. It kinda sounds like you had the same experience (the positives overwhelmed the negatives), so I’m glad you enjoyed this. 😉 Terrific review!

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